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Arthroscopy in France: what is arthroscopy?

Arthroscopy is a surgical intervention, aimed to examine with minimal invasion, as well as treatment of injuries of joints and other orthopedic diseases. The main advantage of arthroscopy is that no major surgery is required, i.e. there is no need to open the joint completely. Two small incisions in the knee joint are made, through which surgical instruments are introduced. This option significantly reduces the recovery time after surgery, increasing the degree of success due to the minimal effect on the connective tissue.

Arthroscopy is especially popular among professional athletes as frequent injuries require constant monitoring and this procedure involves fast recovery with minimal scarring. During surgery special tools are used, which are much smaller than the traditional analogues. Using a special video screen the surgeon examines the picture of damage, while creating the prospect of restoring the damaged joint. cartilage or ligaments.

Types of arthroscopy in France

Modern medicine has achieved the highest results in the field of diagnostics. Why does the modern man need arthroscopy? Not only athletes damage their shoulder, knee, elbow, ankle and other moving joints. That is why arthroscopy is becoming more popular.

Today, the following arthroscopy types are the most common:

Arthroscopy of the knee area

It is a kind of analogue of the classic arthrotomy. The most frequent use is the need for treatment of the injured meniscus, microfracturing of cartilage tissue, as well as reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament. The knee arthroscopy requires an arthroscope, which is the size of a tiny camera. The cut at such an intervention does not exceed 4 mm. Using a special fluid, joint elements can be imaged.

Arthroscopic meniscectomy

It is one of the most common types of arthroscopic surgery, because it is used in cases of recovery or cut off of painful or torn meniscus. The knee joint is the most unstable in the human body, because it is the most used. Consequence of the knee surgery is swelling, which lasts for 10-15 days (depending on the characteristics of the body). During the period of rehabilitation specialists recommend to refrain from active physical loads on the knee joint, as this may cause prolongation of the period of rehabilitation, as well as unforeseen complications.

Arthroscopy of the hip joint

This operation is typically used to establish diagnosis in case of uncertain pain, and for the treatment of discomfort in the joint itself and beyond. These days, the indication for arthroscopy of the hip joint is the femoral-acetabular impingement syndrome and related disorders. In addition, arthroscopy of the hip joint helps to operate: damage of the acetabular rim, removal of loose cartilage or foreign lesion, lavage of the hip joint (in the case of infection), as well as disruption of the integrity of the cartilage joint, dissecting osteochondrosis, traumatic disruption (and recovery) of integrity of the round ligament, iliopsoas tendinopathy (or stenotic lumbar muscle), a painful syndrome of acetabular field, iliotibial tract with stenotic syndrome, osteoarthritis, pinched sciatic nerve (in other words, the affected bulb-shaped muscle field), ishiofemora impingement, direct indications for bone joint replacement.

Arthroscopy of the shoulder joint

It is the most commonly used in the treatment of diseases of shoulder joints, namely subacromial impingement, chronic tendinitis, acromioclavicular osteoarthritis, injuries of rotational muscle tissues of the shoulder, frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis), nipping of cells and unstable operation of the shoulder joint. Earlier, the effective treatment of such diseases implied significant sections of the skin, which left visible scars. The last decade has seen an increase in signs of subacromial decompression, recovery of the Bankart lesion and the rotator. Earlier, these pathologies were treated by means of extensive open surgery involving larger incisions. Today shoulder arthroscopy is best known as minimally invasive surgery. Owing to this procedure, the patient’s stay in the hospital is minimal. The main part of the rehabilitation period after shoulder arthroscopy is the day hospital, which is getting professional help by health workers in the daytime (the patient sleeps at home).

Wrist arthroscopy

It is irreplaceable in diagnostics and treatment of tension in the wrist, disruption of the ligaments integrity. In addition, arthroscopy is the most effective means of treating wrist fractures. This procedure minimizes the prevention and treatment of diseases of the body in this area.

Spine arthroscopyArthroscopy in France

In most diseases of the spine to provide access and treatment of problem areas it becomes necessary to remove the bones, ligaments and muscles. Moreover, some diseases require dissection of the thoracic spine, which makes the recovery process longer. With the help of spine arthroscopy most procedures are carried out with minimal tissue damage. Small incision allows many patients to be treated on an outpatient basis. With undergoing arthroscopy in France it is possible to treat spinal hernia with different degrees of destruction of the intervertebral discs, degenerative disc herniation, spinal pathological changes, various tumors and certain types of spinal injuries.

Arthroscopy of the temporomandibular region

It is used both for diagnostics of symptoms and signs of diseases and for the surgical treatment of negative changes in the functioning of the temporomandibular joint. With arthroscopy of the temporomandibular joint you can get rid of the negative effects and mediators of inflammation, as well as “put in place” the displaced disc, i.e. return it to its natural position. In addition, the procedure is effective for visual normalization of the inside of the joint during certain surgical procedures related to the disc and surfaces, such as laparoscopy. Also during arthroscopy the biopsy can be performed and the disc can be shortened. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia, which allows to minimize the negative sense.

Advantages of arthroscopy in France

Experts often hear the question what arthroscopy is for. Of course, just 10-20 years ago, the treatment of diseases of the joints was carried out with the help of extensive major operations, and it was normal. Why pay for treatment in foreign clinics for arthroscopy these days? It should be noted that earlier dentists treated teeth using a dental machine of which most of the adults think, to put it mildly, with a shudder.

First of all, arthroscopy is the possibility to diagnose and treat severe joint diseases without extensive dissection of the skin. Arthroscopy minimizes rehabilitation after surgery, while minimizing the negative effects of the operation.

Who to entrust your arthroscopy?

Today one can find hundreds of proposals for arthroscopy. So why more and more people chose the French clinics for this procedure?

Many years of practice prove that arthroscopy in France is very effective. The use of modern equipment, continuous training of French doctors and drugs from leading manufacturers – all this guarantees the highest quality of arthroscopic procedures in clinics of France.

In addition, in the process of diagnosing the French clinics pricing policy in comparison with other European health institutions specializing in arthroscopy, the cost of this service in the clinics of France is the most viable option.

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Review 387
I got my knee arthroscopy done by doctor Grobost that you see on the video and I cannot that thank him enough. He works a lot with sportsmen, especially with the basketball players, so he knows exactly what the sporty people need. We talked before the surgery and he was able to answer all my questions and ensure me that everything would be okay. I have to tell that he must be a gifted surgeon and that his hands are special, because I was able to rehabilitate very quickly and to go back home to my family. I recommend him
Review 386
James Smyth
I have been thinking about arthroscopy for a long time because every surgery is always frightened for me. It is good that doctors were real professionals – everything was ideal. The process of rehabilitation was rather short – for the 4th day after the operation, I could lean on a leg. It is good that the personnel were always near me as I had a lot of questions appear after the operation.
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