Joint replacement

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Joint replacement

Joint Replacement

Endoprosthesis replacement, or joint replacement surgery, is a special kind of surgery, in which an arthritic or dysfunctional joint is replaced with the same one, but of artificial origin. In other words, a special prosthesis is used in this situation. This most effective and at the same time often the only method of restoring lost functionality of joint is saving a huge amount of people.

After surgery, the patient’s joint pain is disappeared. This makes possible for a patient to return to his normal life. This procedure is originally recommended to the very people who have a variety of hip joint functional disorders as a result of illness or injury.

In such cases, every movement can often lead to the emergence of severe pain. The degree of deformation, as well as the intensity of pain itself is considered to be the main functional criteria, by which a specialist chooses the most effective treatment option.

Of course, in this situation it should be understood that the artificial joint is initially defined as a kind of foreign body. Therefore, there is quite often a certain risk that the inflammatory process may occur as a result of surgery.

However, in any situation, if it is necessary to perform such an operation, the best decision is to go to France. Local experts always use only the best technology and advanced equipment. That is why the post-operative period will last for significantly less time.

How is Joint Replacement Carried Out?

Joint ReplacementJoint replacement is a kind of surgery, which makes it possible to guarantee the following effects:

– Complete functional recovery. – Fast therapeutic effect. – The return of a person’s long-awaited and desired work capacity. – Social independence.

This procedure is often recommended for a person who has quite severe stages of joint destruction. If it is carried out because of a malignant tumor, it is primarily directed to its immediate removal. A person needs this kind of surgery, if he has affected joint.

Initially, before a specialist sets the operation, he thoroughly chooses the appropriate kind of artificial prosthesis, where not only the condition of the patient, but also the stage of the disease is taken into account. Modern medicine has accumulated vast experience in the practical use of special prostheses at present. These are complex devices, which are characterized by the high-quality and well-advanced construction.

During this operation, a specialist performs such variety of actions: the incision and replacement of the affected joint is carried out. It often takes about 1.5 hours to perform such an operation.

Types of Joint Replacement

It should be understood in any situation, that the joint replacement can be a single-pole, as well as total. In the first case, under this kind of procedure, only the replacement of some part of joint is originally meant. However, in the second situation the entirely joint replacement with a special artificial joint is performed.

Today, the following types of joint replacement can be singled out:

Hip Joint Endoprosthesis Replacement To perform such surgery, a patient can be laid on both side and back as well. When a specialist uses a posterior approach, the patient should be laid on his side. Meticulous hemostasis is recommended during all of these steps to prevent anemia, as one of the main compliant illness of the disease.Joint-Replacement  An important stage of the operation in this situation is considered to be testing performance of hip joint replacement. At the same time, the expert checks the compliance of all components of the selected type of the endoprosthesis. He checks not only the correct orientation, but also stability.

Knee Joint Endoprosthesis Replacement

In this situation, the operation is performed on the hip using a special pneumatic tourniquet. An important step in the performance of surgery is considered to be the removal of synovial membrane, which has been applied to significant pathological changes. Indeed, in the opposite situation, if it is saved, then it may be the main cause of aseptic deformation in future.

It is important to achieve the most perfect balance of the ligamentous apparatus during the operation. The developed considerable deformation within certain diseases is often capable to lead to its inefficiency. That is why it is necessary to set thorough assessment of this kind of apparatus for the most effective results during the surgery

Finger Joints Replacement

During operation a cross-access approach is often used to huge numbers of patients used it. At the same time, the most important point here is that it is not considered to be a direct joint endoprosthesis replacement, but a complex surgery of the soft tissues, which are located near the patient’s affected joint.  Then, an expert evaluates a preservation of cartilage. Dimension of the proximal phalanx is necessary during total joint replacement surgery. In certain situations its dorsal layer may be defected, that is necessary to take into consideration. In any situation, the procedure is carried out under special conditions, only by high-qualified specialists, within professional and advanced equipment as well as.

Joint Replacement in France – the Guarantee of Safety!

French specialists in this situation often use advanced technology, which implies computer navigation. This feature is characterized even in a situation when it comes to knee joint. Such computer navigation allows you to really ensure getting the most effective results and greatly reduces the risk of all sorts of post-operative complications.

Such system, which is called computer navigation today, is quite often used by French specialists, to perform surgical treatment, if necessary. It provides an opportunity to receive the following indisputable additional possibilities:

– loss of human blood is significantly reduced. – Maximum angle adjustment is possible. – Risk of implantation syndrome is significantly reduced.

Many modern independent studies have shown that computer navigation, applied by French specialists, allows them to provide a Joint_Replacementhigh level of surgery success. Moreover, it does its best in order that implant can be in service for considerably more time as compared with conventional surgery.

The technology of advanced navigation itself is able to coordinate directly all activities of a specialist with the model of ligaments development, and the bones of a patient. This property makes it possible to achieve really the most ideal implant disposition.

Thus, the vast experience of French specialists, modern innovative technologies, as well as professional equipment makes it possible to greatly reduce the time of the patient’s rehabilitation. In addition, it enables to improve the efficiency of the joints. Thus, the patient is much more likely to return home and directly to a full life.

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Few months back I had to get a total knee replacement… Getting it done in the US was not an option for me so I decided to take a look at other options in other parts of the world. Of course I could have done it in South America but I always had a thing for France (plus, they are considered to have the best healthcare system of the world…). So, thanks to social medias, I got to learn about the provider Medifrance Solution. They got back to me in a real short notice and they also helped with the administrative and boring stuff. Once arrived, I met with the doctors and one day later, I went through the surgery. Everything went well, the staff took good care of me and the Medifrance Solution team was also available when I needed them. Anyways, I took the time to do some sightseeing in Paris (I love the city!) and was not disappointed. Thanks again you all !
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