Pediatrics surgery and treatment in France

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Pediatrics in France

All parents dream of their children growing cheerful, beautiful and healthy. However, it’s difficult to find a child who would never be ill, especially these days, having a bad environment, with not always healthy lifestyle, and unhealthy diet. Statistics show that the majority of children suffer from the same diseases, which, although being well known to all, have been treated by the same methods for decades. Nobody would argue that qualified specialists work in domestic hospitals, but, it’s not always possible to attend them. Many parents have to deal with the problem when the child seems to be treated, but no positive results are observed. And you have to pay for almost everything, from a simple injection to surgery and prosthetics. Therefore, more and more parents prefer to treat their children in France, as the cost of treatment here is significantly lower than in the clinics of Germany or Israel, and the quality is at the highest level as the most advanced technologies and drugs are used to treat a child. French doctors are high-rank specialists, who are ready to treat for any children’s diseases. Do not forget that treatment of children and pediatrics in France allows not only recover the wellbeing but also rest. Learn everything about childhood diseases treatment, medical & surgical care for children and pediatrics in France.

children treatment abroad france

The main childhood diseases and treatment methods according to doctors of pediatrics in France

Most childhood diseases are infectious, and they appear in children that neglect their personal hygiene. The most common diseases include:

1. Measles – a disease resembling the initial stages of a common cold, which is getting worse. Children with measles have the weakness, suspicious dry cough, fever, dark spots. French experts use the advanced methods of treatment, and not just gamma globulin;

2. Rubella – the child’s body is covered with a pronounced rash with inflammation of the lymph nodes. If you do not turn to specialists in time, you can have complications of many organs, including the liver, heart, and lungs. Treatment of children in France for rubella is complex and prevents recurrence;

3. Varicella or chickenpox. Despite the fact that the treatment is familiar to most people – apply brilliant green to inflamed pimples, complications of chickenpox may irreparably change the child’s body. In France they have developed a special technique that allows to significantly speed up the process of recovery of the child;

4. Scarlet fever is a streptococcal infection, which is characterized by fever, swelling, and redness. French doctors treat for scarlet fever in the complex, preventing relapse. They use medications of the most famous world manufacturers, which do not cause allergic reactions;

5. Polio – a disease that can occur in the absence of vaccination or if poor quality Salk vaccine has been used. It may lead to paralysis of limbs if you do not promptly turn to qualified French specialists that use advanced therapies and innovative drugs;

6. Permanent migraine is the result of the child’s fatigue. Treatment of children in France includes not only taking medications, but also change of the environment and climate. Psychologies provide an important aid to children suffering from migraine;

7. Autism – a disease, to which due attention has not been given in our country. In French hospitals, professional psychologists work with children suffering from this disease. They pick an individual rehabilitation program for each child. There are many specialized centers in France, where they return children with autism;

8. Growth pains – according to statistics, 15% of children are experiencing persistent muscle pain in the skeletal growth period. In order to ease the child’s pain, French doctors use medication and physical therapy to achieve remission;

9. Adenoids – for a long time, treatment of adenoids in our country was simple – they simply removed them surgically hurting the child. In France, treatment of adenoids is completely painless, with the use of modern methods (ultrasonic removal, cauterization with nitrogen) and compulsory rehabilitation period;

10. Meningitis or inflammation of the brain is a complex disease with severe complications and unpredictable consequences. Treatment of children with meningitis in France includes the individual selection of comprehensive treatment programs and mandatory rehabilitation in specialized centers;

11. Cerebral palsy is a disease that causes a lot of problems as it affects the brain. Despite the fact that there is no cure for this disease, doctors in France use a comprehensive approach when treating cerebral palsy – a child is at the same time treated by a neurologist, cerebral palsy specialist, physiotherapist, chiropractor, psychologist, speech therapist, exercise therapy doctor, rehabilitation professional.

12. Cancer – statistics show that most often children suffer from blood or spinal cord cancer. In the treatment, French doctors use the most modern drugs, which do not just suspend the growth of cancer but actually stop its growth. Every little patient has a special program that includes not only treatment but also the rehabilitation period.

Of course, there are hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of diseases, as well as methods for their treatment. However, if you want a guaranteed positive result, you should not rely only on domestic medicine. Treatment of children in France is an easy option to restore the health of the child in a minimum period of time with a guaranteed result.

Features of the French medicine, or why you should choose pediatrics in France

Experts of the World Health Organization have acknowledged that the health care system in France is the best in the world. This is possible due to the fact that the state spends about 12% of its GDP (this is a very large sum) to improve its medicine, so French doctors use all the innovations in their work. It is worth noticing that the salaries of the French doctors are one of the highest in the world, so many experts in various fields of medicine happily agree to work in this country, practicing both in public and in private institutions.

Treatment of children in France is included in the public health program. And it is not so important where a child is from – France, Russia or Poland. Do not think that the treatment of children in France is very expensive. As compared to other countries, including our own, the cost of treatment and rehabilitation of the child is much lower here, and the qualification of physicians and technology used by them is at the highest level. Child’s health is not something you should save on.

We also offer such types of medical care as:

  • Pediatric plastic surgery, pediatric reconstructive surgery for congenital and acquired defects. Paediatric Orthopedics, treatment of all types of pediatric orthopedic diseases. Pediatric oncology. Congenital heart defects in children.

*Children over three years old are admitted for treatment. Written, notarized consent for treatment from BOTH parents is required.

This list is not exhaustive and is provided for informational purposes.

Please contact us for further information.


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