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It is no secret, that people having addictions, belong to the risk category. This is because each addiction negatively influences health, finally, leading to different diseases. Smoking is not an exception. At every step smokers are told about the fact that cigarette in their hands is very harmful for their health, however, not everyone is able to throw the addiction developed for years. How to be in such case? What to do if you do not want to die of lung cancer ahead of time (and it is one of the most widespread diseases among fans of smoking)? In order to reduce the risk of development of the diseases connected with the addiction, experts found out special programs of medical examinations of an organism called the check-up of a smoker.



What is the check-up of a smoker?



Check-up is the programs of organism’s screening developed by specialists. They are aimed at an early diagnostics and prevention of diseases. Such programs can be highly specialized, such as oncologic check-up or check-up of a smoker, and wider, such as a standard or general check-up of an organism. When we talk about the programs of inspection for the smoker, then they are obligatory for those whose experience of smoking exceeds 10 – 15 years. At the same time, it is not necessary to speak about age, as many people with such experience of smoking did not reach a point in 40 years yet. At the same time, the condition of their health is in most cases already far from ideal thanks to an addiction. The program of examination will help the specialist to estimate smoking consequences for a human body.






How does check-up take place?


The program of examination takes place according to the standard scenario: at first, the person addresses to the clinic where he is offered this or that check-up program. Then already within the program, the person comes to an appointment with specialists whose consultations are included into the program of screening. Experts, in their turn, determine by the first survey what analyses and diagnostics are necessary for the specific patient. It depends on age, sex and an experience of smoking of the specific client. There is a list of obligatory analyses and diagnostics, which include analysis of urine, blood and cardiogram of heart. The program check-up of a smoker includes an additional appointment of the pulmonologist. It is a basic set of researches and diagnostics; however, if necessary the therapist on primary appointment can prescribe additional analyses, proceeding from specifics of a concrete case. Often the appointment, which is carried out after obtaining results of researches and diagnostics is not final as the doctor, finding aberrations, sends the patient on additional appointments to other specialists. In some cases, the delivery of additional analyses will be required.

When everything is passed, and doubts of doctors are found out, the last final appointment of the specialist, on which he tells about results of inspection of an organism of the patient and the diagnoses, is carried out. Moreover, the doctor, holding a consultation, tells about how it is possible to improve the health by a non-drug method. He gives consultations on a healthy nutrition and a regime of necessary physical exertion, tells about after treatment options.

An important aspect of the conducted examination is your active participation in the process without which it is impossible to be confident for 100% in the received results. Always truthfully answer the questions of experts, without evading the question. In addition, results of the previous conducted examinations will help. Screening programs provide the best opportunity to obtain a reliable data about a condition of the health.






Advantages of examination of an organism within the check-up program


The main advantage helping to make a choice for the check-up program is the saving of your time. You should not stand in queues, expecting an appointment of this or that specialist. All visits to doctors are accurately planned, and you only need to come at the scheduled time. All program is usually designed for 3-4 days. During this time, you will pass all necessary examinations, and specialists, having received results, will be able to consult you. You choose the time to visit doctors by your own, so you will be able to plan your day in the most convenient way.

For only several days, you will obtain all information on your organism, its weak and strong parts. It will give you confidence and strength. You will precisely know on what it is worth paying attention and in what direction you should move. Moreover, specialists will tell you about improving your health, having recommended a diet and physical exertion.






Everyone understands that full examination of an organism should be necessary undergone annually. Thus, it is possible to protect yourself from unpleasant surprises, which your organism can present. Often serious and dangerous diseases proceed asymptomatically therefore, it is impossible to guess their existence without special examination. However, when the patient makes the decision on carrying out a check-up, in most cases it is already late, the moment is gone. Within the check-up program of a smoker, specialists will be able to detect diseases at the initial stages of their development that will increase your chances of recovery.

Going to clinic for passing the check-up program, you receive service of the highest level. You will understand that a care about health is not burdensome at all, and it is rather simple and easy. Within the program you will get advice of leading experts, learn how to care of your health and achieve increase in life expectancy even without abandoning smoking.

Moreover, the check-up program in most cases allows saving on consultations of specialists. Visit to the clinic’s professionals outside the program often is much more expensive, than within the check-up.