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Do you know how to choose a plastic surgeon? Current trends in the field of plastic surgery build a negative attitude to plasticity.

It is not your everyday person who is ready to explicitly recognize, that he has done plasticity, and there are many reasons for it. One of them is a public opinion, which says that it is necessary to love yourself for who you are.

How to choose plastic surgeon

It is much simpler to do plastic surgery, than to work on yourself. In addition, you should admit the influence of attacks and reproaches concerning the fact, that this is the pleasure for the rich, who already pretend they have money to burn. However, who are the people who actively criticize plastic surgery?

Moreover, what pushes people to the negative attitude to plasticity? You’d be surprised when you know the real reasons for such behavior.


Banal envy?


At first glance, the answer is obvious – these people just envy. That is because they have no financial opportunity or banal courage since services of the qualified plastic surgeon in a good clinic are not cheap. Also often people who, apparently, have a financial opportunity will protect “naturalness” only because they can’t make up their mind to change their life.

They will actively criticize those, who grow a pair and decided to have an operation, insisting, that all people need to love and accept themselves. It is much simpler to criticize for those who are really lucky and do not need to accept the shortcomings.


However, what can do those who do not have physical data of Angelina Jolie from birth?


Really, very often our shortcomings become our main highlight; unfortunately, it does not extend to all cases without exception. Moreover, what use from this “highlight” if it costs person years of visiting the psychiatrist.

The internal discomfort, a psychological trauma often appear if in the childhood the feature of the person often became the reason of mockery. In that case, you should not violently force to love and accept yourself, and it is better to deal with it once and for all, having visited an office of the plastic surgeon.


The plastic surgery is a work on yourself


Yes, you should not think that it does not assume any effort. Fear of the operation, painful feelings after the procedure, the existence of hypostases and bruises, and sometimes even scars, and possible risk-taking. You should not think that the beautiful woman just came for an hour to the surgeon – no, there is a preparation for an operation, the operation itself and rehabilitation time, which in certain cases take more than 3 months.

Today nobody is ashamed to criticize the fat woman, saying that she should work on herself, do sports, maintain a diet, while the same will feel sorry for the woman with a very big nose, because she was born this way, and it was not her choice. However, in fact, both women need to make effort, (if both of them are dissatisfied with the appearance) because these women are “ugly” in the court of public opinion.


Nothing wrong with a woman wanting beautiful breast and appearance

The woman can lead a healthy lifestyle, adhere to healthy nutrition, regularly do sports, be in a tremendous shape, and everybody will praise her. However, if she made breast lift or, even worse, inserted implants and now has beautiful elastic breast (in her 45), then there will be a few good responses.

How to choose a plastic surgeon

And this reaction would make a lot more sense if there was a diet or exercises for increasing and lifting of breast. But what bad is in the fact that the woman wants to have not only an elastic bottom on which she works for an hour a day but also elastic breast which can be received only at the plastic surgeon. Girls, who are strongly proud of their “naturalness”, by the way, it is not always justified, are madly lucky to live, enjoy life and love yourselves.

There is a strong wish to believe that when you hear the first signs of aging, you will not be frightened to lose the natural beauty and do not change your mind, having remained faithful to the principles.


Victims of plastic surgery and tendency


A lot of men are categorically against plastic surgery because they foolishly believe that plasticity is when it is visible. And it is visible generally from those who’ve had artificial or badly made surgery which basically is all the same.

However, if you show the man Megan Fox’s photo before and after plasticity, then most of them will choose an option “after”. There are a lot of photos of different victims of plastic surgery in the Internet, these are often people who just do not know limits, but still someone undertakes it, someone does it … Unfortunately.

However, it should be noted that there are certain tendencies in the field of plastic surgery, which vary depending on the country and culture. Something that shocks in Russia is considered normal in the USA. And it is valid, the plastic surgery in the States has never known the word “naturalness”.

The wax strained faces, unreal white false teeth, highly standing breast, and the majority of people will tell with indignation: “It is not beautiful!”, but the patient is happy and the surgeon is proud of his work. Americans who want to receive a natural result refuse to be operated in the USA and go on plasticity to Europe. Especially it concerns men because most of them want to get the most natural result, and those, who were operated in the USA, are easily discovered, but we will do without examples.


Modern cloning


The second reason why many men and women are negative to plastic surgery is a tendency to standardize. Ten years ago, Russian plastic surgeons stamped “the turned-up noses”, today they add lips, breasts and bottoms.

This epidemic extended not only to the countries of the former USSR but also to a part of the Arab countries where the champion in the field of plasticity is Lebanon.

How to choose a plastic surgeon

And here begs the question: are these specialists so good that they can accurately satisfy a request of the client, who is a victim of modern standards of beauty, or the surgeons show “creativeness” by their own, thinking that it is insanely beautiful. If it was the exclusive desire of patients, then it is one thing, but if the doctor mastered his technique on “conveyor” and he cannot do it in a different way, then it is a trouble.


A problem of a century is that most of the plastic surgeons have wrong or non-existent philosophy


The plastic surgery stopped being art, it was turned into business and conveyor. You will be injected more medicine, than it is necessary, performed an operation, which, in fact, you do not need, will not be dissuaded if the tenth lifting is already obviously extra.

And all this goes with smart marketing options, which include 3D modelling, that is a deception because exactly the same result can be achieved extremely seldom. Many surgeons commit a crime when they literally “kill” the identity of the patient. Nevertheless, there are places on the planet where it is possible to go under the knife without fear and doubts.

Such place is France, where surgeons think that plastic surgery has to be natural. In addition, this desire for “naturalness” is caused by the pressure from Frenchwomen, who consider that “it is necessary to grow old beautifully”. The French have always been characterized by the excellent taste and feeling of beauty.


The French refinement against the American “Too Much”


It is interesting to note that many French consider, that in their country plastic surgery is not developed, and all people are beautiful and young by nature. In addition, they are negative to plasticity considering, that it is the destiny of “tasteless” Americans, to whom the expression “too much” is unfamiliar.

How to choose a plastic surgeon

Here we also conclude that naturalness is really beautiful and that it is not an antonym of plasticity at all because most people treat badly not the plasticity, but the excesses and murder of identity.


How to choose the plastic surgeon


  • He is a Frenchman

The favorite and star surgeon Jean-Louis Durand is a slender, handsome man with aristocratic features in an expensive suit. He does not need 3D projections, the pseudo-latest marketing technologies for obtaining the unique result. Bruno Laurent is one more refined man. You will not find a large number of articles, information and public relations about them because really good surgeons do not need it at all. At the same time, it is necessary to make an appointment in 6 months.

  • He is not the victim of plasticity

On the other hand, we’ve got a small, fat and, directly speaking, not a really handsome man. Can he be a good surgeon? Why not? It is much worse when the plastic surgeon looks like an exaggerated doll and the victim of excessive abuse of plasticity …

  • He has a good taste or is similar to Karl Lagerfeld

However, the thing that is really worth paying attention to is the style, sense of taste and neatness that much more increases chances of a good result. If you look for a natural, reserved result, then you should not address a pseudo super stylish person, who is rather similar to the Italian-trucking gypsy than to distinguished Lagerfeld.

  • No innovations!

It is worth thinking if the surgeon is too advanced. Unfortunately, many women are strongly vulnerable to various new technologies and innovations, and surgeons do not hesitate to use this feature for the marketing purposes. At best, it is really good and checked novelty though the fact that it is checked, makes it nothing new …

Often, this is just a beautiful name or, what is worse, not introduced innovation, we don’t know how it will show in 10 years. A good plastic surgeon at first will look how the innovation is survived by someone else’s patients and only later, probably put it into the practice. But still, all will depend on how it is really useful, unique and necessary. Such innovations are implemented by surgeons, who have few patients, and they try to play on innovations to lure more clients while the others have not applied it yet.

  • It is too advertised

Good surgeons do not need a lot of advertising, they call their patients simply patients, but not clients, they are all deeply doctors and by no means not sellers. The person whose purpose are only earnings a priori cannot be a good specialist.

Of course, nobody will confess to the real motivation, but if the surgeon is strongly promoted, and everybody speaks about him and sees his advertisement, then it is a red flag.

  • Philosophy and principles

Ask simply: what is your philosophy? – An ideal result? A happy client? Sounds cliché and what would you like to hear?


Plasticity is not a magic pill


Eventually, you should not be angry and envy all those who decided to do plasticity, because it is ephemeral without work. Moreover, in certain cases, it is powerless, for example, for obesity.

How to choose a plastic surgeon-2

Weight gain after liposuction is not recommended at all, as there are good chances to be more like a caterpillar. In addition, if you do not look after facial skin, then the lifting will be ephemeral.

The person who decided to do plasticity has to agree that he’ll need to look after yourself. Perhaps, the only exception is plasticity of a nose’s shape.