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It is interesting to note a certain undeserved demonization in the facilitating field in the sphere of medical tourism. The most amusing fact is that in different areas people constantly use services of facilitators and do not even think of it. There are a lot of providers in our life: marriage and travel agencies, employment agencies, etc. Even the bakery near your house is a provider between you and a bread factory.

As for medical facilitators, without them it is difficult to present medical tourism. Their goal is to simplify treatment and patient’s stay in another country. The provider knows the market and prices, which clinic is cheaper and in which this or that operation is better performed.

medical tourism facilitators

Conscientious and not greedy clinics work tightly with facilitators, therefore, the treatment price for the patient often remains the same. Anyway, the percent of facilitators is very small taking into account the guarantee and help that they render. It is desirable to ask for the help of the local provider.

For example, if you go for treatment to Germany, choose the German provider and if to France – the French one. An excellent option is to apply to a not lucrative association and to find there all necessary information on both the provider and the clinic. It will help you to avoid frauds or just poor rendered services. In France such association is named ADMFTM.



medical tourism facilitators


Today medical tourism belongs to one of the most profitable branches, and every year its income increases. Some unfair facilitators are interested first of all not in the patient and his requirements, but in receiving profit.

Often they are tied to one clinic, and it is bad because it does not give a full picture of the quality and price, so the patient can be told that this clinic is good and not expensive, just because the provider works with it, though it will be a lie.

Such facilitators can mask, saying that they have many more clinics, but actually, they advance only one. Certainly, it is better to avoid such frauds. Nevertheless, you can trust most of the facilitators, they make treatment in other countries available.


The following is the responsibility of the conscientious medical agencies:


1) processing of the patients’ addresses;

2) analysis of medical records;

3) consultation with the necessary experts;

4) translation of medical records;

5) preparation of a treatment plan during which all wishes of the patient are surely considered.


medical tourism facilitators

Further for the patient, after his arrival for treatment, full maintenance is provided to save his nerves and not to distract him from procedures. One more advantage of the provider is that its staff often includes doctors who will be able to check treatment and ensure that the prescribed measures are really necessary.

Certainly, the medical facility receives a small payment for its services but it somehow causes discontent of some patients, who prefer independent attempts to organize everything to save a little money on it. Well, it is up to each, we will not persuade or push anybody to something. We will just provide the information on medical facilitators’ activity, and it’s up to you to decide whether it is worth addressing them.


If you represent another organization, there is a set of pluses of addressing to the provider too:


1) establishment of contacts with clients, an opportunity to use already existing established relations;

2) possibility of the constant request for information, consultation;

3) the medical provider assumes a part of risks.

Therefore, you can see that for an insurance or travel company it is better to work with a provider. In France there is a big proven national provider, which name is Medifrance Solution. With its help, you’ll be always represented at the French market.


What duties has the medical provider?


  1. Any medical facilities have to fulfill the following obligations to the clients:
  2. To provide at the request of the patient his preliminary correspondence consultation with the specialist.
  3. Drawing up the forecast of treatment with the indication of approximate terms and costs.
  4. Help in the choice of the clinic and specialist;
  5. To provide the latest diagnostics and types of treatment.
  6. To provide the escort of the coordinator.
  7. To provide the optimization of expenses on treatment.
  8. To provide individual approach.
  9. To translate all necessary documentation.
  10. When the patient returns home, the medical agency has to provide continuous feedback with the specialist who has been carrying out treatment.
  11. To check how the clinic complies with the obligations to the patient.
  12. To help in case of extreme situations.
  13. To organize a transfer, help to pick up housing and resolve domestic issues if the patient needs it.
  14. To carry out visa support.
  15. To organize full sanitary aircraft if the patient is in critical condition.


medical tourism facilitator



How not to be deceived


If you do not want to meet the fraud and be deceived, choose the proven medical facility having a good reputation. You’ll not pay a lot of money, but will be sure that everything will be made in style with a guarantee of reliability.

medical tourism facilitators

Responsible and reliable facilitators bear responsibility for observance of all their duties and if necessary can always solve any problems encountered.


The debunking of the main myths about facilitators


Facilitators overcharge their clients


Certainly, from frauds and unfair medical facilities nobody is insured, however, it is rather an exception. Addressing the proven provider, you can feel calm. You should not pay a lot of money, and everything will be made in style. Due to so much competition, the facilities do not overcharge in order not to lose the clients.

medical tourism facilitators

Anyway, you choose the provider by yourself, therefore you can study different options and find the most favorable. As practice shows, patients often pay approximately the same money for treatment even if they address the clinic directly. Think whether the game is worth the candle.


Medical facilitators belong to some kind of mafia


It sounds, of course, ridiculously, but the considerable number of people really trusts it. Some consider that if in the clinic in which they arrived for treatment, the specialist speaks their mother tongue with them, he is a fraud. It is urgent, first of all, for rather poor countries with a low level of medicine.

On a subconscious level, citizens of such countries perceive the foreign specialist knowing their mother tongue language as a fraud. Certainly, it is a lie; all doctors and clinics are constantly checked and have the certificates confirming their high qualification and reliability.


In order to pass facilitators, it is necessary to address clinics directly


We’ve already said that there will not be the big difference in treatment cost with the provider and without it. For this reason, it is necessary to tell that there is no special sense to refuse services of medical facilities. However, if you nevertheless have such desire, then remember that you have to know for addressing the language of the country where the clinic is located.

medical tourism facilitators

As a last resort, you need a good knowledge of English. If you are a citizen of another country, you will be sent all the same to the department of medical tourism, because clinics are loaded and they have no time to process applications from foreign patients. For simplifying, such work is given to the facilities.


The agency forces to pay more money for treatment


There are such situations when the foreign patient, waiting for an appointment in a clinic, talks with someone local and learns that for him the cost of the treatment is lower. The angered foreigner at once will rush to accuse of his provider who takes this difference to itself.

Actually, everything is much simpler: for foreigners treatment will be always a little more expensive therefore such difference exists, the medical facility does not establish the prices.

medical tourism facilitators

From all this it is possible to conclude the following: treatment even in the most advanced country has both the positive and negative moments, therefore, it is very important to have a reliable support. Even if you choose for treatment such country as France, it is desirable to ask the qualitative provider for help.

Today in France there is only one proven provider, which completely accompanies clients at all stages of their treatment. This provider is named Medifrance Solution.