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Cost of Medical Treatment in FranceMedifrance Solution is your chance to get qualified health care services in France. Our team of professionals does not simply provide the medical assistance, but fully organizes your stay on the territory of France from the arrival and up to the departure. We will take care of your transfer and accommodation, as well as arrange excursions and other entertainment during the period of your treatment at your convenience.You can get our assistance to obtain a visa and we can help you choose the best clinic at affordable price. Forget all the stereotypes about the high cost of medical treatment in France!

Our specialists will start handle your application prior to your arrival directly to the clinic, having performed the on-line consultation. The on-line consultation will allow the doctors to prepare for your arrival in advance, making the most optimal program of your treatment.

If necessary we will arrange the arrival and accommodation of your relatives.

We guarantee you the qualified assistance from the best specialists of France as well as the individual approach to your problem.

We can help you to:

fight the cancer;

– replace an arthritic or dysfunctional joint surface;

– correct the imperfections of appearance by means of the plastic surgery;

– conceive a healthy child, by curing the infertility and restoring the reproductive health;

These are the main directions of our work, but the list is much larger. If you want to get other medical services in France we are happy to help you.

The Best Treatment in the Heart of LyonCost of Medical Treatment in France

The French medical system is rightfully considered to be the best in the world. Our doctors get all the innovative technologies and methods available, that is why the quality of the services provided is a sequence higher. Our clinics are equipped with the most advanced machinery. One of the clinics, which we are cooperating with, is SaintCharles. The clinic, which has been functioning for more than 100 years, is justly considered to be one of the best in France. It has firmly settled in the three of the best private clinics, providing a surgical assistance both to the France inhabitants and the foreign citizens.

Despite the fact that the clinic is private, SaintCharles has all the necessary certificates complying with the requirements of the National Commission on Health Care and the Orthopaedics Centre.

The main indicator of the work of the clinic’s professionals is the patients’ satisfaction with the results of treatment. By choosing the SaintCharles clinic, you choose the most efficient inpatient treatment and the qualitative postoperative recovery. In this clinic doctors use only those methods of work, the effectiveness of which has been proved.

The medical establishment has been certified by the GRACE label, which indicates the quality of the services provided by SaintCharles.  This label confirms that the medical services rendered by the specialists of the clinic are based on the best scientific data and are of the highest quality.

Two years ago the clinic’s team successfully performed an ambulatory ankle joint replacement for the first time ever in the world.

So this is what we are offering to the patients:

– professional surgical treatment of the orthopaedic diseases;

– resolving of ophthalmologic problems;

– resolving of teeth problems;

– assistance of plastic surgeons.

We will meet you at the airport and follow you to the clinic where you will get the assistance from the highly qualified surgeons and nurses. You will be provided with an individual qualitative monitoring both before the surgery and afterwards.

Combine Treatment with Rest – Nothing is Impossible for Us

Cost of Medical Treatment in FranceOne can speak of the superiority of the French medicine for long, but do not limit your stay in France only by the hospital walls. The low cost of medical treatment in France allows you to save up some money so you can take an occasion to get to know our country better. Please refer to our specialists and they will be happy to manage your leisure time for you could not only reinstate, but also have a good rest.

We invite you to explore Lyon – the city of culture, art and the avant-garde. The clinic is located in the heart of the city on the slopes of the Croix-Rousse. The city is registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List. We can arrange your exploring of Lyon, providing specially equipped vehicles and guides which will show you the old historical and new districts of the city.

Quality above All

As already stated above, the patients’ satisfaction with the services provided is a number one concern for our team, therefore we do not allow cooperation with the unproven clinics. SaintCharles clinic has a 90-people-team, including the 35 best surgeons and 7 anesthesiologists. The clinical staff will do everything possible to solve your problem, providing a proficient surgical assistance. Saint-Charles provides an inpatient care at 25 hospital rooms, 20 ambulatory rooms and 6 operation rooms. Such number of places allows accepting of 7,000 patients annually in the clinic. In addition the clinic has opened a new eye department, as well as the orthopaedic surgery centre.

A professional approach to each patient is the guarantee of a good impression for further clients. 99% of the Saint-Charles clients recommend it, noting the quality of the services provided, a comfortable accommodation and an individual approach.

What is Waiting for You during Your Stay in FranceCost of Medical Treatment in France

It starts with you meeting your personal interpreter at the airport and driving to the place of your stay with a personal driver. An individual approach right from the air stairs. We will arrange your meeting with the doctors in advance. The real health professionals will receive you and manage not only the proficient medical assistance of the surgeons, the recovery post-operative period and the final consultation, but also a translation of all the documentation into your native language.

We will arrange your transfer so that you don’t have to think about how to get to the hotel, the clinic or the airport. You will have a comfortable adapted vehicle with a personal driver at your disposal.

Your stay during the period of the treatment will be arranged at your choice in a four-star or five-star hotel with meals service according to the “all-inclusive” system. Our accomodation partners are known not only for comfortable living conditions, but also for an excellent reputation as well as an individual approach to each client. We will make your stay in Lyon maximally comfortable.

Cost of Medical Treatment in FranceIn addition to the accommodation services and the management of all the issues related to the health services, we can help you to learn more about the city which you are staying in.

You can perceive all the sides of the gastronomic pleasure, visit the best spa centres and beauty salons and even try river sailing sings along the Rhone and Saône rivers.

Our work begins even before your arrival, as we organize an online-consultation with the doctor. Based on this consultation, the doctor will be able to set a diagnosis and prepare for the meeting with you, and our specialists will develop a personal offer depending on your preferences for the stay in France.