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Let the first thing that your child sees be Paris.

As much as being an extraordinary period, pregnancy is not always as easy as they show it in the Hollywood movies. Sometimes carrying a baby makes us too nervous and our mind gets clouded (with love, of course). Nevertheless, women get to experience the most incredible feeling of growing a human inside of them and truly enjoy this time. Right until the day when they meet their baby for the first time. What a better way to make your child’s very first birthday even more special than to spend it in France? And guess what, it will cost you so little that you will be able to start saving for college immediately!

Having a baby in France is a new celebrity trend that is actually affordable to everyone. Medifrance Solution works hard to dispel the myth that France has only wine, cheese, and Eiffel Tower to offer. French doctors are the real stars with a worldwide reputation who are happy to welcome patients from all corners of our planet.

Having a baby in France.


Having a baby in France

Entrust your health to the professionals.

If you want to give birth abroad, the labor management in France is the best thing the modern medicine can offer. Equipped with the latest technologies, Frech clinics provide a full range of pregnancy and maternity related services. Medifrance Solution, in its turn, takes care of everything related to the pregnancy care. With us, you will be free from the hassle of filling in all the necessary paperwork, finding an accommodation and a clinic where you will give birth.

It is worth noting one small particularity of giving birth abroad: future mothers must arrive two months before the planned delivery. As soon as you get off the plane, you will meet your personal assistant who will help and support you during your whole stay in France. He will be fully responsible for your comfort, from helping you pick an apartment and introducing you to the city, to translating everything you need if you do not speak the language.

Choosing the city to give birth in is entirely up to you. It may be a clinic in Paris if you admire the city of romance & light, one of the hospitals in the French Riviera if you love stunning landscapes, or a smaller town if you want to experience the authentic French culture in a calmer atmosphere.

Having a baby in France for foreigners.

Let’s figure out the legal details.

As mentioned above, the mom-to-be has to come to France two months before the expected date of delivery. During this pre-labor time, the primary diagnosis is carried out which includes all the standard procedures, such as blood tests, urine tests, ultrasound and other important procedures. Thanks to the services of Medifrance Solution, all you have to do is take a plane and enjoy your pregnancy in the mild climate among the historic sites. And don’t forget to treat yourself with some French bakery!

On the date of delivery, you will be transferred to the clinic of your choice where you will go into labor. You can request an epidural which is assigned in accordance with the medical evidence. As soon as your baby is born, our experts will carry out a full examination of both child and mother. There is a 3-day minimum (7 days after a caesarean section) stay at the hospital during which the midwives take care of the child and teach the mother to look after a newborn. Of course, the dads are allowed to stay in the hospital too.

Note that you must register the newborn in the embassy of your country within three days after the birth. That guarantees that your child acquires your citizenship. Due to the specifics of the French legislation, the “right of soil” applies only when children reach the age of 18, provided they are a resident in France.