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knee joint replacement

Does it hurt to walk? Do you need knee joint replacement?

What are you waiting for?

If you’ve been waiting for a sign, this is it!

  • One of the lowest infection rates
  • The most advanced minimally invasive technologies
  • Rapid recovery from surgery
  • Caring attendants and staff
  • An opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful and visited countries of the world

All this is easy and quite inexpensive.

In the ancient quiet town of Le Mans, there is a huge multi-profile clinic Pole Santé Sud. It is equipped with the latest technology; every day more than 100 surgeries are made here! It provides sterile blocks and maximum protection from human errors.

What is the new generation knee joint replacement?


In Pole Santé Sud, patients who need knee joint replacement will get a personalized endoprosthesis. This kind of medical service is the exclusive prerogative of our clinic, it has no analogs in world practice. The procedure of knee joint replacement is made with the help of modern means of virtual surgery, in particular, MRI.

The use of unique equipment allows performing surgical intervention clearly and qualitatively. Thanks to this, the rehabilitation of a patient who has undergone arthroplasty is much quicker.

The advantage of the new technique lies in the ideal fit of the endoprosthesis to the parameters of the patient’s body. The artificial joint, in comparison with its predecessors, will have a wider amplitude and less pronounced mechanical vibrations accompanying limb movements.

It is expected that it will not need to be replaced as often as its predecessors, and the implantation procedure will be less often accompanied by complications, in particular, infections and bleeding.

Until now, patients were implanted with universal endoprostheses. Surgeons, based on their experience, could choose the size of the endoprosthesis, the angle and the degree of bone resection to which the endoprosthesis was attached, as well as the method of its fixation.

Questions and answers about knee joint replacement


– How many days before the surgery must the patient arrive for scans and pre-operative evaluation?

At least 48 hours before the surgery.

– How many days (in typical cases) must he stay in the hospital after the surgery?

3-4 days.

– How much time (typically) before the patient can walk?

2-4 days.

– What about the rehabilitation program?

No need for mini-invasive surgery.

– General or local anesthesia?

Mostly local anesthesia for seniors.

– If everything is all right, how many days will the patient stay in Le Mans?

One week in Le Mans.

– What is the typical price?

13,000 euros, but we have to study the records to give the final price.

– What is the personalized prosthesis?

It is more flexible and has fewer frictions.

– How/where/when is it constructed? After the first patient evaluation?

It is constructed in France, but there are several options and only the doctor can say how and when. It is very personalized and this is a good thing!

Do you still need arguments to say YES to a new life?


Over one hundred patients from all over the world have already become happy owners of innovative prostheses and mini-invasive technologies in France and their flow is growing every week.

Do not miss your chance to recover with Doctor Grobost and Medifrance Solution!