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The Association of Doctors is an administrative, legal and professional body, which is engaged in adjustment and is responsible for the protection of the fundamental values of a medical profession: ethics and deontology. This association consists of the following organizations: 10 regional councils, Appeal council, and National council.

The Association of Doctors has the status of a public legal entity. From the legal point of view, it is not an association or a private organization to which the doctor has the right to join freely. Instead, the doctor has to be registered in the base of the regional council (in particular in the territory where the specialist provides the main medical services).

Medical college

This obligatory registration concerns all doctors: the doctors of the foreign states, and the doctors of the European Union. Military doctors are obliged to be registered if they practice medicine outside military purposes.

As for the public law civil status, the Association of Doctors has full authority for participation in legal life. The Association of Doctors works according to the rules of the National council; the director of the National council and in the case of his absence, the deputy or the vice-president can represent its interests.

The legislation establishes the main methods and ways of functioning for the Association of Doctors. For example, the law provides that the financial side of work of this situation is completely under the control of higher instances (necessary money, control of charitable money transfers, etc.).

The association of doctors

In addition to protection and management of the doctor’s profession, the Association of Doctors gives national and international medical specialists an exclusive opportunity for expansion of the borders of their work. In the countries of general law, they are often grouped into medical specialties (cardiologists, family doctors, surgeons, etc.).