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A real story from one of our patients.

«I am a sixty two year old doctor who retired to France this year and as part of my ‘Carte de Longue Sejour’(long term visa) I had to undergo a brief medical examination including a CXR. To my horror, a new 1.5 centimeter nodule was found which given my age, location, smoking history, was overwhelmingly likely to be cancer.

I was extremely scared and as you can imagine felt even worse because I was in a country whose medical system I did not understand and had never had any contact with. I spoke first with some French pals and they steered me to a local doctor and he subsequently sent me to a pulmonologist(lung doctor) for evaluation. While both doctors were very kind and professional, it was clear to me that the tests were going to take weeks if not months to get, and I was clearly in a race against time. I needed things to move faster.

I began searching the internet for services to expedite care in France and came across MediFrance Solution. It turned out to be a Godsend. Maryna took my case in hand and organized all the tests I needed in two facilities in Le Mans where they are based. I had a CT Scan of the chest and a PET Scan(test to determine if an abnormality on an xray is malignant or not) within ten days of our first conversation. Both facilities compare very favorably with ones in the US, and I should know having spent my career inside them.

To my great relief the new spot on my lung turned out to be benign, but if it had not been Maryna had already organized me to see a chest surgeon in Le Mans to remove the tumor. She could have not been more caring or professional.

Frankly, I don’t know what I would have done without MediFrance and Maryna. They understand that waiting in situations like mine can be fatal and have connections with excellent medical facilities and talented doctors who can give you the same level of care you would get at the best hospitals anywhere in the world.

Lastly, my total out of pocket costs for the two tests was 1300 euro. Comparable tests in the US would have cost seven times as much, so even by paying cash here I ended up paying less than the deductible on my US policy.

I cannot express how grateful I am for the services of MediFrance and of Maryna, and recommend them to anyone who wants first rate care from a professional team.»

The client’s original spelling, punctuation, and writing style preserved.