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Oncology is a scourge of humanity at the present stage of development. The fear of premature death from oncology forces people to make sometimes the most insane actions. However, specialists agree in opinion that today there is not any method, which would guarantee healing from cancer. Therefore, the question of how to be saved from cancer remains relevant.

Oncology check up

In the field of oncology, hundreds of researches are annually conducted, and a lot of money is spared on their financing. Practice and long-term observations of high quality specialists in this area allowed obtaining data, which can become rescue for hundreds and thousands of cancer-prone people. Collecting data for long years, scientists could determine the patterns influencing emergence and development of malignant neoplasms.

Today the accumulated data are accurately formulated and applied by diagnosticians of the whole world to improve further the techniques of diagnostics and treatment of cancer. The set of recommendations based on a long-term practice of the leading professionals of this branch allows revealing a disease at early stages when the probability of successful disposal of a tumor is the highest. Moreover, the development of the methods of diagnostics promotes a decrease in risks of having tumors.


What is oncology check up?


Oncological check-up or oncological screening is the program of a medical examination developed by specialists, which is directed to a detection of oncological diseases at early stages of their development.

Oncology check up

Programs allow revealing the most widespread cancer tumors in their early form. Modern specialists in the field of oncology classify a number of those: breast cancer, malignant cervical tumors, a tumor of a lung and intestines and prostate cancer.


What does screening give to the patient?


The client who came to the center for the passing of an oncological screening receives the fullest data on a condition of his health. He gets important data, which will help him to achieve a significant increase in life expectancy.

oncology check up

Who has to pass oncological check-up without fail?


It’s worth noting that similar examination is recommended to be conducted regularly. All those who could not find time for a preventive check-up for 12 months or longer need to visit a clinic. You have to understand how important is it to have authentic and not outdated data on a condition of your health if you want to live long.

Oncology check up

The fear of developing of a cancer tumor and its detection on late terms can be a reason for visiting specialists. Especially it refers to “at-risk” patients, i.e. those who has people with oncology in consanguinity. If you think of the future and monitor your health, surely take as a rule regular visit to specialists who will help to reveal malignant tumors at early stages.

Therefore, you grant yourself a life, because it is possible to remove a tumor at the very stage of its development and it’ll be practically risk-free.

In addition, we strongly recommend visiting specialists to those people who are not confident in a condition of their health. You will considerably reduce the risk of the development of oncology if you timely visit the competent specialist.

People who are over the age of 40 should approach the issue of diagnostics particularly serious. When you exceed the 40 years mark, it is worth visiting specialists annually, at the same time choosing the program of expanded screening.


What does oncology check-up include?


There are several versions of programs of medical examination. They are constructed based on patient’s data, therefore the check-up is usually selected individually. Specialists consider gender and age of the client, offering basic screening or expanded oncological check-up.

Usually, the program of examination includes the primary appointment of specialists who define necessary and sufficient researches, diagnostics itself and the analysis of the data obtained by specialists on final consultation. Both laboratory types of research and X-ray with ultrasonography are included into diagnostics. Such examination allows specialists to obtain the reliable and most comprehensive information about the state of health of the client, and for the client, it’s an opportunity to save his money and time.

oncology check up

Basic oncological check-up for women includes a visit to the gynecologist, mammologist and gynecologist-oncologist. Specialists will help the woman to estimate the risk of the development of oncology and will carry out work in identifying and preventing a cancer disease.

Women over the age of 40 will surely be suggested to pass mammography. In addition, specialists will direct the client to the ultrasound of pelvic organs and mammary glands, and an X-ray of the chest. Without fail at such option of examination, the woman should do feces and swab tests. After obtaining all data, an appointment is carried out by the gynecologist-oncologist.

Oncology check up

Basic oncological check-up for men differs from women’s and means visiting such specialists as the urologist and the oncologist. Men on the basic screening pass ultrasound of a prostate and an X-ray of the chest. In addition, they pass the analysis on the hidden blood in feces and they are suggested to pass a blood test on the general and free tumor marker.

Whether is it worth saying that timely diagnostics is your key to health and longevity? Today there aren’t a lot of options for screening. Anyway, choosing basic or expanded oncological check-up, you receive services of professionals with an impressive discount.

Sometimes, having chosen examination within this or that program, it is possible to save up to 20% of the cost. At the same time, you can undergo examination without queues and in a quiet environment, having chosen any convenient time for this purpose. A check-up at professionals will not take away from you a lot of time, you’ll obtain the most reliable data and consultations from the leading professionals of this branch.