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There is a reason why France has a reputation of the worldwide fashion trendsetter. For many centuries this country has been setting the standards of style respected by all the connoisseurs of beauty across the globe. But France is not only a country that worships the power of Aphrodite, it is also home to the advanced medicine. Those who have experienced France’s wonders can testify to its strength as a medical tourism destination.

For the first time, French doctors turned their attention towards plastic surgery after the World War II. Technologies of that time were quite primitive, which is why the effectiveness of the operations was out of the question. However, over the time numerous breakthrough medical advances were made that mark the progress of the industry. It was not later than 1981 that The French National Medical Council qualified plastic surgery as an independent discipline that fascinates the world from that moment till now.

Let’s dive into the details.

What operations do the French plastic surgeons perform?

Plastic surgeons in France have a worldwide reputation of the highly qualified professionals. Their field of activity is not limited to one or two specialties, unlike many other countries. French specialists are trained according to a special program and none of them are allowed to practice until they get the “BAC+14” degree. As great admirers of natural beauty, they try to enhance it and avoid creating a fake-looking doll like some of their foreign colleagues do. Let’s look at some of the operations performed by the French plastic surgeons!


This is a classic procedure for changing the nose shape. It is recommended for patients from twenty to forty years of age. The operation generally takes about two hours, then the patients undergo a special rehabilitation course. After that, they can safely enjoy the changes in their appearance. Naturally, there will be no traces of stitches left on the face!


This is surgery performed to eliminate bags under the eyes or to correct the so-called “tired eyes”. This effect that makes the person look tired is caused by the excess skin on the upper and lower eyelids which is repositioned or removed during the operation.


It seems that every woman in the world has heard about the famous facelift surgery. It is no secret that every year of our life leaves a mark on our faces. Wrinkles, creases, double chin – this is not a complete list of what makes us look older than we are. Through lifting, French surgeons successfully fight with the aging process, and their patients look ten or even fifteen years younger!


Plastic surgery in France is known for its variety of liposuction methods. This kind of plastic surgery that does not require excessive presentation. Body shaping surgery is no longer a luxury, on the contrary, it is quite an affordable procedure.

Reduction mammoplasty.

This tricky term means the procedure of the breast reduction and reshaping. During this operation, the doctor removes excess tissue of the breast to restore its tightened form.

Of course, the above-stated list of the operations performed by the French beauty industry specialists is non-exhaustive. Depending on the client’s wishes, Medifrance Solution will pick the best type of surgery and treatment just for you. Having experienced plastic surgery in France with us, you will be happy every time you look in the mirror!