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TRV chair against vertigo and balance disorders

In modern medicine, it is difficult to imagine the treatment and diagnosis of vertigo and balance disorders without the use of the TRV chair.

Unfortunately, you will not find such a device in every medical facility, but if you address Medifrance Solution, they will surely find you a clinic in France where this technological miracle is not something surprising but has become a fairly ordinary device.

BPPV (Benign Positional Paroxysmal Vertigo) most often occurs due to the movement of earwax in the inner ear, which prevents it from functioning properly.

Even in the supine position, with any change in the position of the head, dizziness may occur. Patients in such situations often pay doctor’s attention to imbalance during movement. Such symptoms can occur not only when the patient is moving, but also when he is just standing.

Such a pathology in most cases is treated with the help of manipulations aimed at restoring crystals in the original cavity. It is very important, before starting any actions, to conduct a check-up in order to identify the channel in which the crystals are located.

Qualitative diagnosis with the help of the TRV chair


After the causes of vertigo and balance disorders have been identified and it has been established that this is canalolithiasis, the physician can proceed to the determination of a more accurate crystal arrangement and a more precise diagnosis.

Do not forget that dizziness is accompanied by a reflex of fixation (involuntary movement). This uncontrolled movement in science is known as nystagmus.

The doctor determines the state of functioning of the inner ear during the observation of the nystagmus. To this end, the doctor deliberately causes the patient to feel dizzy, and then, in special glasses, observes the patient’s eyes.

Effective treatment with the help of the TRV chair


After the doctor determines the location of the crystals, he starts special movements that allow the earwax to be returned to the original cavity. The inadequate efficiency of manual movements is the main problem faced by specialists in this kind of manipulations with small crystals.

The TRV chair, in turn, thanks to more complete and precise movements, allows optimizing the actions and improving the result.

One of these remarkable devices is located in Sarthe, Le Mans, in the office of Dr. Philippe Lorin, specializing in vertigo and balance disorders.