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plastic surgery in france

Any plastic surgery is a stress for a body. Even if the patient has perfect health, he still needs to follow certain rules, so that the result of plastic surgery will be as natural as possible. Of course, a lot depends on the plastic surgeon but not everything.

The famous French plastic surgeon Jean-Louis Durand notes that the patient himself also affects the quality of plastic surgery. And it’s not even about the individual features of the skin but about things that the patient can change himself. You need to be prepared for the fact that you have to give up many of your favorite habits, certain medicines, and biologically active substances. It is also worth noting that you must give up all this in advance, at least for a couple of months but not a few days before the operation.

How to get the most natural result of plastic surgery? Tips from Jean-Louis Durand


  1. Give up smoking.

Separately it is worth mentioning that smoking, as a whole, is a bad habit. However, concerning plastic surgery, you have to stop smoking at least a few weeks before the operation. Nicotine slows down regeneration, in other words, the healing process slows down, the seams will not fuse well, and there may be a rejection of cosmetic stitches. This is especially important in cases of facial plastic surgery.

  1. Give up alcohol.

Try not to drink alcoholic beverages at least a week before the surgery, as they have an anticoagulant effect, dilate blood vessels and increase blood pressure. In addition, alcohol can impede the absorption of certain medications, including anesthesia.

  1. Limit the intake of certain medications.

It is necessary to abandon the use of fat-soluble vitamins A and E, aspirin, anticoagulants. This should be done because they thin blood, which means they can increase bleeding during the operation. In addition, these drugs worsen the healing process.

  1. Take vitamins.

You need to consult your doctor about taking vitamins before the operation. For example, in case of a full intervention (abdominoplasty or mammoplasty), it is recommended to take not only traditional vitamins but also iron supplements.

  1. Take medical supplies.

It is recommended to take medications that prevent capillary fragility. Thanks to such drugs, you can avoid bleeding and large bruises.

  1. Stick to a diet.

To avoid postoperative edema, it is strongly recommended to limit salt intake. And if you want to speed up the healing of tissues after the operation, it is recommended not to abuse spices, caffeine, and other natural stimulants.

  1. Do not tan before the operation.

Before the operation, the skin should be in a natural state, so do not go to the beach or solarium.

And a few interesting facts from Jean-Louis Durand


  1. Why does one side heal better or hurt more after the operation?

We often feel that one side hurts more, all because our brain lateralizes pain and sensations. That is, it does not mean that there are some problems with one side, it just our brain that cannot perceive sensations from both sides.

  1. How to understand, can you trust a company that makes prostheses?

Yes, if it also makes something else, for example, hyaluronic acid or other medical materials. In this case, you can trust it but from those who make only implants, it is better to stay away.

Paradoxically, but if we imagine that there will be a problem with the implants, then such company will lose not only them but also their other products since the negative reputation will be passed on to the rest.

Nobody will deny that the qualification of the surgeon is very important but no less important is the patient’s preparation for the plastic surgery. Thanks to the preparation and with the proper qualification of the surgeon, the result of plastic surgery will be as natural as possible, and the postoperative period will be light and short.

You can look at the works of Jean-Louis Durand and compare the result before and after. These examples perfectly combined the surgeon’s high professionalism with the correct preparation of the patients who did not neglect his recommendations.

plastic surgery in france

plastic surgery in france

plastic surgery in france

plastic surgery in france

plastic surgery in france

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