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The aim of this difficult operation is in replacing important stem cells from the healthy donor to the patient. In such a way today, doctors can cure diseases, which were earlier considered as incurable. Unfortunately, in the clinics that are not located in such developed countries as France, achievements of gene therapy are close to zero.

Even if you will be able to find a good specialist, he won’t have the equipment like is in our clinics or his services will be much more expensive, than coming to France.

In a modern clinic, a bone marrow transplant provides a minimum of contraindications; safety and low-toxicity for the patient. At the same time, the operation allows replacing the damaged system with a healthy one.

bone marrow transplantMoreover, professionals manage to enlarge the amount of cytotoxic, which stimulate destruction of tumor cells. The reconstructed system allows achieving stabilization of a patient’s condition, thus completely curing him. Important processes and immunity are restored.

Healthy donor cells are capable of destroying the damaged tissues. Unfortunately, the patient’s own immunity isn’t capable of fighting against tissues of the organism. The received stem cells lead to reproduction of other tissues.

It is important to choose a clinic in which operation will be performed correctly. For a successful result, it is necessary to comply with the terms, among which there is a supplied sterile air. Complying with the terms requires the right equipment, which can’t be found in many countries.

Services, which can render high-quality observation over the results of the made transplantation have to be on the staff of a hospital. The stem cells, which are taken away from the donor, must be prepared before the operation – a laboratory and competent staff are required for this purpose.

How to do a bone marrow transplant


A bone marrow transplant has become the real salvation for those whose problem with health can be solved only by this radical method. It is possible to speak a lot about differences in operations in the developed and still lagging behind countries, however, when a man’s life is at stake here – there is only a wish to receive a 100% guarantee of success and return to normal life.

Specificities of a bone marrow transplantOnly professionals of high level in cases which are not advanced can guarantee success for 100%. However, even if time is missed, highly qualified specialists will be able “to pull out” the patient and return him the lost health with a high probability.

Such specialists work in French clinics and it is possible to get it there. France is the country, in which the percentage of successful bone marrow operations is the highest in the world: 60% of patients return to normal life even if the leukemia was in an advanced stage.

The success of a difficult procedure depends on the closeness of the antigen of the donor’s HLA to the accepting patient. Only on condition of coincidence, the risk of a rejection is almost zero.

However, only competent specialists in the laboratory can correctly find the right donor and calculate everything correctly. Thanks to a good training of physicians, the percent of a marrow establishment in France reaches an indicator of 80%.

The most important stage is the search is for the most suitable donor. There is no payment to the donor in France, as well as in any developed country because trade in human organs is forbidden. The donor always does it voluntarily and without payment.

A bone marrow transplant in FranceIn most cases, doctors use the technique when necessary cells are taken from the cord in childbirth. For treatment of lymphoma or myeloma, the doctor can use the patient’s blood, having taken it during a remission.

According to the president of the French society of cellular therapy, annually the French specialists save about 2,000 people by a bone marrow transplant. The organ, which is responsible for producing blood, is often affected by various diseases, which hampers it working correctly.

The injured marrow becomes the reason for frequent diseases, as the immune system is made up of the white cells produced by it. Some diseases can only be cured by chemotherapy, however, in the case of serious damage, a bone marrow transplant is always made.