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In media we regularly encounter mentions that this or that famous person went on medical treatment abroad. But even more often medical treatment abroad is chosen by representatives of a middle class. The reasons for which citizens of many countries, and especially the USA, are cured in foreign clinics are different: but the main reason is that often such treatment costs cheaper and is of the same quality as the American one or even better. But it can be not in all cases because it is simply dangerous to be treated in some countries! Now we’ll find out where it is possible to go on treatment and from what countries it is better to stay away.


What bad is in the treatment in Costa Rica, Malaysia, Colombia, Mexico and other similar countries?


Today quite often Americans, especially not the richest, prefer for treatment the poor countries, such as, for example, Costa Rica, Malaysia, Colombia or Mexico. The problem is that they make the incorrect choice, counting only on the economy of money. However, it is necessary to understand that high-quality treatment cannot be cheap, everyone has to remember it! As experience shows, the level of development of medicine in similar underdeveloped countries remains very low, it fell behind medicine of the USA, Central Europe and Israel for decades. Insufficient financing leads to the fact that equipment of clinics, use of modern technologies of treatment, training of medical experts are at one of the lowest levels in the world if not to take the African countries into account. And prior to deciding to go on treatment to Costa Rica, Malaysia, Colombia or Mexico, think what it is more important for you: your health or money?

Now many will ask a question where to go on treatment. The answer is not very difficult: go to Europe, and in particular to Switzerland, Germany and, of course, France.




Who and why chooses treatment in Europe?


A lot of people may think that most of the patients who go on treatment to foreign clinics act this way, first of all, under the influence of persuasive advertising which is extended by the companies which are engaged in the organization of medical treatment abroad. However, that is absolutely not true.

It is possible to conditionally divide foreign patients of clinics of France, Israel, Germany or Switzerland into two groups. First of all, these are citizens of the advanced countries who got used to the high level of medical services and choose treatment abroad, trying to save money.

Citizens of Asia, Eastern Europe and the CIS countries choose medical treatment abroad because of the high level of service, access to modern techniques of treatment, the innovative equipment and medicines. Its cost for them is rather high, but they consciously go on high financial expenses, especially when it is for oncology and other serious diseases.

The second reason of great demand of medical services abroad consists of confidentiality and high level of comfort that also plays an important role in achieving desirable results. For some patients, this aspect is prime in selecting a medical institution.

Medical treatment abroad assumes not only its high quality but also diagnostics which is the first stage of treatment in any clinic of France or Germany. Each patient who addresses to the state or private clinic is obliged to undergo preliminary diagnostics because correctly made diagnosis makes 50% of success. Unlike such countries as Costa Rica, Malaysia, Colombia or Mexico, experts of France and Germany bear responsibility for incorrectly made diagnosis, for this reason, the patient can be confident that all complex of necessary examinations and procedures will be carried out here.

Diagnostics used in the treatment abroad far exceeds possibilities of medicine of underdeveloped countries. In many ways, it is caused by the best technical equipment of the French clinics, the best training of specialists, their extensive experience. Experience shows that the diagnoses made in the countries of Costa Rica, Malaysia, Colombia or Mexico are wrong to 30%.




How many years it takes to become a doctor in the different countries?


It is very difficult to become a doctor in the Western Europe or the USA. On average, in Germany, France, the USA and Switzerland, it is necessary to spend 12-14 years to become a doctor. As you can see, in the developed countries it is necessary to study for a long time and then to go on internships to become a doctor. In the poor countries, it is much simpler to gain the diploma, as a rule, it’s necessary only 5-6 years of studying for this purpose. Besides, in such countries there is a very high level of corruption, so, many students at medical universities could bribe to pass this or that examination. But also it is not the worst because some people could just buy the diploma of the doctor. Just imagine whether is it possible in France or the USA? It’s getting ridiculous from only one thought, but in the poor countries, it quite often happens. And now think whether you want to go on treatment to the doctor with the bought diploma?





Why treatment in France is good


The French health system is one of the best in the world, and it is officially recognized by WHO. The cost of the provided services in France is 2,5-3 times lower than in the North America and Switzerland though the level of service is almost identical. The number of foreign patients in France makes up to 40% of a total quality.




Medical tourism in France is justified from a position of the available advantages of the state clinics or private structures:

  • modern diagnostic equipment;
  • high level of treatment of oncological, orthopedic and other difficult diseases;
  • high level of rehabilitative care;
  • narrow specialization of hospitals;
  • the possibility of access to the World Bank of organs and blood.

France has a number of progressive programs and methods of treatment of diseases, high interest in which is observed worldwide:

  • the model of cancer therapy and care of cancer patients are the most successful in the world;
  • orthopedics;
  • Check-up diagnostics;
  • plastic, including esthetic, reconstructive surgery, and also a mesotherapy;
  • pediatrics, including, prenatal care;
  • organ transplantation;
  • treatment of hepatitis;
  • sanatorium treatment.

From this, it is possible to infer the following: if you really worry about your health, then choose for treatment the most reliable countries. For example, in France you will always find not only a very high level of treatment but also quite reasonable prices.