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  • Cardiac Surgery
  • Cardiologist
  • Cardiologist-rhythmologist
  • General surgery
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  • Доктор с medifrance
    Dr. Al Samman MD Surgeon

    Clinical education:

    Visceral surgery and surgery of gastrointestinal tract

    Obesity surgery, pelviperineology and anal incontinence, proctology, parietal surgery

    Colorectal surgery, digestive tract cancerology

  • Доктор с medifrance
    Dr. Belas MD General surgery

    Clinical education:

    Head of Clinic – Medical Assistant of Paris hospitals

    1987-1989 Cochin Hospital (City of Paris)

    1995 to the present day – Tertre Rouge Clinic (city of Le Mans), Urologic Surgery Department Certificates

  • Доктор с medifrance
    Dr. Bouchayer MD Cardiologist

    Clinical education:

    Interventiona cardiology 

    Coronary angiography and angioplasty


    Functional studies

  • Доктор с medifrance
    Dr. Саssignоl MD Surgeon

    Clinical education:

    Vaginal surgery

    Laparoscopic surgery

    Cancer and gynecologic surgery

    Prolapse surgery

  • Доктор с medifrance
    Dr. De la Roche MD Surgeon

    Clinical education:

    Special expertise in thoracic oncology

    Video-surgery and robotics

    Accelerated rehabilitation.

  • Доктор с medifrance
    Dr. Doisy Vincent M.D Cardiac Surgery

    Clinical education:

    Medecine Doctor (MD)(1992)

    Former Junior Surgeon  Lille Hospital

    Former titulaire surgeon University of Lille

  • Доктор с medifrance
    Dr. Durand Dubief MD Cardiologist-rhythmologist

    Clinical education:

    Head of Cardiology Clinic

    Intern of Civil Hospices of Lyon

    Diploma in diagnostic and interventional electrophysiology of the heart

    Diploma in in-depth study of clinical pharmacology

  • Доктор с medifrance
    Dr. Jean-Louis Durand MD Plastic and reconstructive surgery

    Dr. Jean-Louis Durand is a plastic surgeon who specializes in maxillofacial and reconstructive surgery of the face and body. He graduated from the Paris Descartes University, then successfully completed the internship in the Paris hospital system.

  • Доктор с medifrance
    Dr. Denis MD Oncologist, Radiotherapist, Expert in lung and prostate cancer


    Doctor of Medicine (MD), Doctor of Science (PhD), Researcher at the National Center of Scientific Research (CNRS) Former Head of Clinic of the Universities

    HAS expert, E-health expert

    President of the National Union of Radiotherapists and Oncologists (SNRO)

  • Доктор с medifrance
    Dr. Fiquet MD Surgeon

    Clinical education:

    Former intern of LYON Hospital


    Certificate in Microsurgery

    Diploma in biomechanics

  • Доктор с medifrance
    Dr. Grobost MD Orthopedics & Traumatology

    Clinical education:

    Department of Neurosurgery (Prof. Guy) of UHC in Angers

    Department of Orthopedic and Reconstructive Surgery (Prof. Pidorz) of UHC in Angers 01/04/84 on 31/03/85

    Department of Orthopedic and Trauma Surgery (Prof. Dunoyer) of UHC in Limoges 01/04/85 on 30/09/85

  • Доктор с medifrance


    Diploma of specialized studies: oncology radiation therapy.

    Additional Diploma of specialized studies: Cancérologie

    Former chief of the faculty clinic of Nancy / Former assistant at Alexis Vautrin Center in Nancy

  • Доктор с medifrance
    Dr. Lapeze MD Surgeon

    Clinical education:

    Diploma in cardiac surgery, thoracic and vascular surgery

    University degree in endovascular treatment of disorders of the valve

    Master 2. Research – cardiovascular, metabolic and nutritional regulation

  • Доктор с medifrance
    Dr. Manel MD Surgeon

    Clinical education:

    Doctorate in medicine with honors and words of praise

    Diploma in urological surgery

    Diploma in laparoscopic urological surgery, Prof. ABBU, Paris

    Certificate for urogynecological laparoscopic surgery

  • Доктор с medifrance
    Dr. Viale MD Otolaryngology

    Clinical education:

    Internship in hospitals of the City of Nantes

    The former Head of the University Hospital Clinic and Hospital Assistant

    Director and member of the French Society of Otolaryngology and Cosmetic Surgery of Face and Neck

    Member of the French Society of Aesthetic Surgery of Face and Neck

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