Dr. Al Samman


  1. Visceral surgery and surgery of the gastrointestinal tract
  2. Obesity surgery, pelviperineology and anal incontinence, proctology, parietal surgery, colorectal surgery, digestive tract cancerology

Titles and training:

  1. A former intern in general, digestive and visceral surgery, Dijon
  2. Assistant Head of Digestive Surgery Clinic, Dijon
  3. Diploma in visceral and digestive surgery
  4. Diploma in emergency surgery
  5. Diploma in laparosurgery
  6. Diploma in visceral traumatology
  7. Diploma in bariatric surgery
  8. Management of ambulatory surgery unit
  9. Diploma in the medical and surgical treatment of obesity
  10. Diploma in pelviperineology
  11. Diploma in clinical nutrition and metabolism

Scientific associations:

  1. French Association of Surgery
  2. French Company of Obesity Surgery and Metabolic Diseases


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