Dr. Denis

Year of birth 1972

Specialty Oncologist, Radiotherapist, Expert in lung and prostate cancer


Doctor of Medicine (MD), Doctor of Science (PhD), Researcher at the National Center of Scientific Research (CNRS) Former Head of Clinic of the Universities

HAS expert, E-health expert

President of the National Union of Radiotherapists and Oncologists (SNRO)

What case or experience influenced you?

My most significant experience was the design of the world’s first application of relapse detection for patients with lung cancer. Thanks to 5 years of research, this application (Moovcare) reduced the mortality of patients by 3 times. For the first time, the patient could participate in their follow-up and could communicate with their oncologist in online mode.

Years of medical experience 15

What scholarly society do you belong to?

SFRO (French Society of Oncology and Radiotherapy)

ASCO (American Association of Clinical Oncology)

ASTRO (American Society of Radiation)

Do you have any publications? If yes, on what subject?

60 scientific articles in journals with peer-reviews.

Lung cancer, e-health, clinical trials, basic research.

What is your vision of medicine?

Medicine should listen to patients and their symptoms. I have a vision of modern medicine that takes into account the patient; medicine where technology serves the patient for him to have access to the best care in any country.

Your philosophy?

Do everything possible to treat the patient, accompany and support patients that suffer from cancer. Many of my loved ones have or have had cancer, so their fight is mine too.


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