Dr. Durand Dubief


Titles and training:

  1. Head of Cardiology Clinic
  2. Intern of Civil Hospices of Lyon
  3. Diploma in diagnostic and interventional electrophysiology of the heart
  4. Diploma in an in-depth study of clinical pharmacology
  5. Special diploma in medical intensive care
  6. Hear Stimulation Specialist Certificate
  7. Heart ultrasound specialist
  8. Master of biological and medical sciences
  9. Winner of the Gold Medal in Medicine Competition in 2000
  10. President of the Association of Clinical Research (ARDRIS)
  11. Medical expert

Scientific society:

Member of the European Society of Cardiology.

Operations: electrophysiological study, transplanted holter, rhythmology, single, double and triple-defibrillator, elimination of simple and complex tachycardia, ablation of atrial fibrillation, 3D visualization, cryoablation, robotic technology, closing of ear auricle, child rhythmology.


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