Dr. Fiquet


Titles and training:

  1. A former intern of LYON Hospital
  2. M.D.
  3. Certificate in Microsurgery
  4. Diploma in biomechanics
  5. Diploma in anatomy and organogenesis
  6. Diploma in general surgery
  7. Former Hospital Assistant
  8. Former Head of the Department Clinic in Lyon
  9. Scholar in Canada
  10. Practitioner in a hospital on a part-time basis
  11. Visiting doctor at the Fourvière Hospital

Scientific associations:

  1. Chairman of the Group of Inventors of Lyon and Saint-Etienne) since 2008
  2. Member of the French Association of Orthopaedic and Traumatic Surgery

Innovative methods:

Co-inventor of the double mobility hip endoprosthesis (Polarsistem) in 1998, which is currently used by Smith and Nephew.


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