Сancer Specialist France - François Fauchon


 At the University Pierre and Marie Curie Paris VI, Dr. FAUCHON MD where attended his medical course at the Faculty of Medicine Pitié Salpétriè, from 1972 to 1987, he defended his doctoral thesis at the university.

He obtained, during his medical studies, the inter-university diploma of Radiosurgery Stereotaxis (Pr Schlienger) and the competence in oncology




He has worked in many oncology centers in France, including La Salpétrière Hospital, the High Energy Center in Nice and CPRM Claude Bernard in Metz.


In 1985, he was appointed senior doctor of the Paris Hospitals, at the Pitié Salpétrière Hospital and took charge of a floor of the Oncology radiotherapy department.

He sets up bibliographic training cycles and teaches courses regularly at the Faculty of Medicine.


He is a member of numerous cooperative research groups, including the American Society of Radiation Therapy (ASTRO), as well as the European Society of Radiation Therapy (ESTRO), the European Society of Radiotherapy and the EORTC and ANOCEF.

He is a board member of the Breast and Colon Cancer Screening Society (APREMAS).

He has also taught at the inter-university neuro-oncology course.

 Dr. Fauchon sets up invasive stereotactic radiotherapy in 1993 in Nice and then in 2017 in Metz. In Nice, in 1993, he created a cooperative group with the Neurochirugical Cluster of L'Hôpital Pasteur (Professor Paquis, Pr Fontaine) and the Anti-Cancer Center, within a partnership agreement.


Installed since 1989 at the High Energy Radiotherapy Center in Nice, he participates in the introduction of high precision technologies, and the development of modern Radiotherapy.


Since 1990, Dr. Fauchon has been Senior Physician in Oncology at CHE.




Since 2003, he has been involved in the associative and pedagogical level. In 2010, Dr. Fauchon founded, and still chairs, the ADERTU Association (Website: https //  facebook: ADERTU-CHE) to promote cancer treatments, research, innovation, and education. in oncology.

He has funded numerous research projects through this association and a partnership with LVMH. In particular, it enabled the research laboratory of Valrose (Nice) to acquire a sorting automaton and culture of malignant glial cells. It also enabled the acquisition of equipment enabling the implementation of intraoperative MRI at Pasteur University Hospital (Nice).

It has also helped to support the setting up of national or international conferences (WALT in 2018 and MACC 2016-2019).


He is also a member of the APPAC Association, which helps psycho-oncological support for patients and their families.



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