Dr. Jean-Louis Durand

Dr. Jean-Louis Durand - Plastic/Aesthetic surgery in France

Dr. Jean-Louis Durand is a plastic surgeon who specializes in maxillofacial and reconstructive surgery of the face and body. He graduated from the Paris Descartes University, then successfully completed the internship in the Paris hospital system. The surgeon is known on the international level, as numerous celebrities and public figures book an appointment with him for the year ahead. He is also an honorary president of the French Association of Medical Tourism, as well as an active member of the Western Association of Plastic Surgeons. His extensive experience in aesthetic surgery guarantees a unique high-quality result for every patient. Dr. Durand’s philosophy is to enhance the natural beauty of a person. All his patients are charmed by his great sense of humor, as well as his French elegance and finesse. If desired, his patients can stay in the VIP-apartments of his renaissance manor house La Groirie, which gives them the opportunity to experience the authentic French culture.


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