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Specialty: Urologic surgery

Titles and training:

  1. Doctorate in medicine with honors and words of praise
  2. Diploma in urological surgery
  3. Diploma in laparoscopic urological surgery, Prof. ABBU, Paris
  4. Certificate for urogynecological laparoscopic surgery
  5. Certificate for urogynecological laparoscopic surgery, Bordeaux
  6. Diploma in onco-urology, Department at Reims
  7. Diploma in robotic surgery, Strasbourg
  8. Testing of proficiency in surgical oncology conducted by the National Council of the Order of Physicians
  9. Diploma in robotic prostate surgery (European School of Surgery, Paris)

Scientific associations:

  1. Member of the French Association of Urology
  2. Member of the National Association of Urology Training

Innovative methods:

  1. Laparoscopic and robotic surgery for prostate cancer and kidney.
  2. Work with DA VINCI Si SYSTEM