Сancer Specialist France - René-Jean BENSADOUN

02/06/2019   René-Jean BENSADOUN
Radiation Oncologist, MD, HDR,

Professor in Radiation Oncology,

Current Position: Chairman, Centre de Haute Energie, NICE (France)
Fields of Interest:  Radiation Oncology, Head & Neck Cancer, Supportive Care in Cancer, Low Level LaserTherapy, New techniques in Radiation Oncology (IMRT, VMAT), Cancer-treatment toxicity.
WALT President-Elect (2018), past-Scientific Secretary (2015-2017) (World Association for Photobiomodulation Therapy)
Deputy Associate Editor of JSCC (Journal of Supportive Care in Cancer)
Member of MASCC-ISOO Mucositis Board and Oral Care Board
Membre de l’APPAC, de l’EMLA, et de la LED Academy (LED & LLLT)
Board Member of SFCCF and GORTEC (H & N Cancer French Groups)
Membre du Conseil d’Administration de l’AFSOS (S. Support)
Member of ESMO Toxicity Working Group.

Professional Experience
Jan 2014 – today Chairman
Centre De Haute Energie, Nice, Radiotherapy
Aug 2008 – Dec 2013 Head of Department
Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Poitiers, Department of Radiation Oncology
Poitiers, France
Aug 2008 – Dec 2013 Professor (Full)
Université de Poitiers, UFR Medecine et Pharmacie
Poitiers, France
Mar 2008 – Jul 2008 Research Associate
Institut Universitaire de la Face et du Cou - de Nice et Centre Lacassagne,
Nice, France
Sep 2004 – present cooperation, expertise
Assiut University, Assiut Cancer Center
Asyūţ, Egypt
Sep 1999 – Jul 2008 Research Associate
University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis, Faculty of Sciences
Valbonne, France
May 1996 – Jul 2008 Head of Radiotherapy Unit
Centre Antoine-Lacassagne, Radiation Oncology
Nice, France.
192 peer-reviewed papers, 85 as first or corresponding author.
2 Books, 5 book chapters.
H index 40. Comprehensive impact factor: 980,8.
06/2017: National Grant (INCA, French National Cancer Institute) for PBM-LLLT Dosimetry (with Pr O. Caselles, “Institut du Cancer de Toulouse”, and Dr. M Pelletier (Toulon).
05/2019: European Grant for a new PBM randomized trial in mucositis and dermatitis prevention.


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