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ST Charles2

The best clinic of France sees patients more than 100 years. Today it is among top three surgical care clinics in France. Specialists from Lyon see both French, and foreign patients. The main priority of the clinic’s staff is the satisfaction of patients in the received treatment.

In spite of the fact that the clinic is private, it has all certificates confirming its compliance with the requirements of the National Health Commission and the Center for orthopedics.

Saint Charles is an operational hospital care, high-quality restoration after the performed operation. The achieved results are the outcome of a long-term work of the clinic’s specialists, careful selection of innovations and introduction of only the proved ones.

ST Charles1

This top clinic is certified by Grace label that confirms the highest quality of its services. Similar certification is successfully undergone only by those facilities which provide high-quality services based on the advanced technologies.

In this clinic was made the first-ever ankle replacement surgery with the use of out-patient surgery. It happened 2 years ago.

Patients of the clinic get professional treatment of orthopedic diseases from the best surgeons of France. In addition, you can solve your ophthalmologic problems, problems with teeth, address the appearance shortcomings by means of plastic surgery.

ST Charles3

All specialists of the clinic are focused on providing high-quality services to keep the client happy. For this reason, Medifrance Solution cooperates with the clinic, presenting it to the foreign clients. The staff of the clinic consists of 90 people whose qualification have no doubts. 35 surgeons who are considered the best not only in France but also abroad work in this clinic. Each staff member will do everything in his power to keep you comfortable, and quickly solve your problem. The clinic has 25 hospital places, and also 20 places for those who need out-patient surgery.

Operations are performed in 6 operating rooms. Annually specialists of the clinic see about 7 000 patients. Not so long ago was opened the new branch in which it is possible to cure eye diseases.

ST Charles4

The correct approach allowed the clinic to achieve unique result – today it is recommended by 99% of clients worldwide. They note not only the high quality of services but also the comfort of accommodation, and individual approach.

Innovation thanks to which the clinic became famous for the whole world is a full ankle replacement surgery in out-patient conditions. It happened in September, two years ago. All surgery took 1 hour 15 minutes. The patient could come back home on the day of the surgery. It was considered a breakthrough because in 2002 were required 5 days of hospitalization to perform the same surgery. The simplicity of restoration after the surgery allowed to considerably enlarge the level of the patients’ satisfaction. In total after the surgery, it is required to visit the surgeon twice for control: next day after the surgery and later in a day.