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The clinic is famous for its attitude towards its patients: specialists always listen to the patient who is undergoing treatment. Thanks to such approach the efficiency of medical procedures and rehabilitation is increasing. Specialists of the clinic are professionals in the field of orthopedics and neurology whose knowledge is supported by experience and the latest technologies.

The main value for the staff of the clinic is a moral, personal and professional commitment, quality, respect, humanity, and professionalism. For this reason, quality of services is constantly growing, providing development and prosperity of the facility. In the clinic, highly skilled doctors work on the ultramodern equipment for the benefit of the patients. Clients of the clinic point out a favorable environment, comfort, and safety of the process of treatment.

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It is quite natural that the medical facility is focused on high quality of services and good technical equipment. However, these indicators are not the only ones. In Fondation Hopale great importance is attached to ensuring good care, human treatment, respect of each patient, his dignity, and rights.
The staff of the clinic is its special pride because it is characterized by unity, passion to profession and generosity.

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Speaking about the clinic’s status it is worth noticing that it has been in a top of the best medical facilities specializing in an orthopedics and neurology for 15 years. Such high rates would be impossible without the corresponding technical equipment and competent staff. The staff of the clinic consists of highly specialized surgeons who are responsible for certain areas: elbow, knee, hip and other. Professionals guarantee the maximum safety to the patients.

Each and every surgical procedure which is performed in Fondation Hopale is safe for the patients of the clinic. To ensure the safety doctors constantly improve their skills, visiting world colloquiums and presentations of the latest techniques of treatment.

The accumulated experience in combination with a good base and continuous practice allow achieving a reduction in time necessary for treatment and restoration after the operation. All precautions are strictly taken therefore the patients of the clinic shouldn’t worry about the probability of infection. For treatment are used only those drugs which proved their efficiency and deserved a good reputation. The technologies applied in the clinic are the minimal invasion thanks to which tissues are much less damaged, and the period necessary for restoration is considerably reduced.

Specialists of this medical facility know that duration of operation is directly related to the timing necessary for restoration. For this reason, duration of operations here is one of the lowest in Europe. The specialists try to minimize pain in all possible ways.

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Living conditions at Fondation Hopale are a separate story. Rooms at the French clinics are characterized by comfort and forethought, here you will always find additional seats for those who accompany the patient.

Among the clinic’s patients, there are a lot of the British. Everybody knows about their pedantry, so their satisfaction and happiness is the best indicator and compliment to the clinic. However, annually thousands of patients from other countries including Russia come to the clinic.

Technical equipment of the clinic allows specialists to conduct qualitative researches and diagnostics. They have the latest MRI, EOS visualization, scintigraph, hybrid gamma camera and other devices.

The pain control Center and rheumatological department are located here.

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