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The clinic refers to non-commercial medical facilities. This place wonderfully combines traditions of the French hospitality with modern technologies. Such combination allows everyday saving of people’s lives, returning them to normal life.

Patients of the clinic get access to a full complex of medical services. Here there are two large expertise centers which are the pride of the facility. The Cardiovascular Center consists of the best specialists offering advice on a medical cardiology, pulmonology, angiology and rhytmology. Coronography and angioplasty, heart surgeries of different difficulty levels are carried out here. Tests of cardiologic and pulmonary efforts are carried out in the center.

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The second center is visceral and oncologic. A chemotherapy, treatment of various internal illnesses and gastroenterology are carried out here. The best specialists in the field of gastrointestinal and visceral, urological and gynecologic surgery practice in the center.

The activity of the clinic isn’t limited to the work of the centers. The doctors specializing in anesthesia, laryngologist surgery, odontology, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery, orthopedics and other directions work here. In the center, there is also an intensive care unit and resuscitation.
Specialists of the clinic accept inhabitants of the surrounding area for emergency medical treatment. An appointment is carried out 24 hours a day.

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The diagnostic direction is also well developed. Clients of the clinic can undergo MRI, scanner, PET-scanning. Pictures of women’s mammary glands can be processed directly here, in the center of mammary glands.

In the clinic, there are specialists in the field of nuclear medicine, medical and intervention radiology.
Annually the clinic accepts about 24 000 patients, performing 18 000 operations. 650 employees work in the clinic for the benefit of patients.

Active cooperation with Leon Bernard Center and Civil hospices allows developing innovative oncologic projects.

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The clinic presents safety, innovations, and quality combined with respect and ability to listen to the patient. Specialists of the medical facility guarantee the patients a possibility of receiving continuous medical care. All work is aimed at a quick recovery of each patient’s health.

The certificate V2010 tells about the high quality of services. The certifications of external independent experts of the Highest Administration’s health confirm the highest level of conformity with the requirements of the patients. Clients can see all results of certifications with their own eyes – access to them is open. If desired you can get acquainted with them on the website of the clinic or in its foyer, at the special stand.

The main aim of the clinic’s staff is the elimination of pain. For this purpose, are applied not only the anesthetizing protocols but also treatment by both medication, and non-medication methods. Programs of pain opposition are constantly improving and coordinating by Committee of the fight against pain.

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