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Our Partners

la groire
Our partner – Domaine de la Groirie
If you want to plunge into silence and luxury, you should definitely visit Domaine de la Groirie. In this place time simply stops. De la Groirie is surrounded by greens, which help to plunge into the atmosphere of tranquility and harmony, having forgotten about vanity and turmoil of the city. The hotel is located in the huge historical park in the neighborhood with the castle de la Groirie. The hotel is surrounded by lawns and channels, in the territory of the park there is the pond. For the visitors of de la Groirie, there are thirteen comfortable rooms. Recent restoration has kept their unique appearance, at the same time, the rooms are modern and comfortable. The hotel is one of the parts of the ancient castle of the 17th century. The castle is the historical monument! Today all guests of Domaine de la Groirie can enjoy modern comfort in combination with a long history. Staying in the hotel, there is no doubt that here you will always find a number of ways to occupy...
meditravel helps to find the best clinics
Our new partner Meditravel
    Not one decade France is one of the most favorite places for tourists from around the world. Its sights, mysteries of history, the most interesting shopping and beauty of nature constantly entice thousands of tourists from all over the world. Everybody know that France is a proven trendsetter. However, in recent years this country began to accept not just regular tourists but medical tourists. Such a new direction as medical tourism gained popularity very quickly. Isn't that great, not only to restore health but also admire the most interesting sights? France in medical tourism   France is a relative newcomer in the field of medical tourism, but it develops in it very quickly. Every year the number of medical tourists in France is increasing, and it is not a limit! Certainly, the medicine of such countries as the USA, Germany, Switzerland or Israel also is at a very high level but the prices there are 2-3 times higher. The medicine in France is f...
Association for the development of the French medicine and medical tourism
    Medifrance Solution welcomes our new partner – Association for the development of the French medicine and medical tourism, which invites to cooperation: 1.Medical agencies 2. Medical associations 3. Doctors 4. People seeking treatment in France We think that cooperation leads to the progress, especially in the industry of healthcare. Our aim is to open the French medicine to the world and we achieve it through international cooperation with different medical facilities. Our association is not lucrative and based on volunteering, our purpose is not only to help with receiving access to the French medicine, but also to track that all play fair: don't deceive patients and don't profit from them. Association for the development of the French medicine and medical tourism is a guarantor of the fact that this market will develop adequately and with no-frills. For example, in Israel there are unfairly high prices which especially strongly grew in recen...
Paradigm Care
    Medifrance Solution is proud to partner with Paradigm Care to offer our clients a dedicated flight nurse not only to provide continued care but also to assist in every aspect of your travel. Paradigm Care is a premium medical air transport and medical escort company utilizing U.S. credentialed critical care nurses to accompany medical travelers during both ground and air transport. In addition, your flight nurse will handle all the logistics of your international travel from confirming arrangements to assisting with loading, check-in, security, and airport terminal details. Paradigm Care is dedicated to one revolutionary word: You. Experience the confidence, comfort and peace of mind when traveling with providers of not only the best medical care, but also the highest service. You may desire Paradigm Care flight nurse escort for a variety of reasons ranging from travel logistics assistance and peace of mind to continued physical therapy rehab and DVT prevention. Sec...