Association for the development of the French medicine and medical tourism



Medifrance Solution welcomes our new partner – Association for the development of the French medicine and medical tourism, which invites to cooperation:

1. Medical agencies
2. Medical associations
3. Doctors
4. People seeking treatment in France

We think that cooperation leads to the progress, especially in the industry of healthcare. Our aim is to open the French medicine to the world and we achieve it through international cooperation with different medical facilities. Our association is not lucrative and based on volunteering, our purpose is not only to help with receiving access to the French medicine, but also to track that all play fair: don’t deceive patients and don’t profit from them. Association for the development of the French medicine and medical tourism is a guarantor of the fact that this market will develop adequately and with no-frills. 

admftm-2For example, in Israel there are unfairly high prices which especially strongly grew in recent years. Good demand for medical services thanks to some really qualitative clinics and great doctors became the reason of it.
As a result, some unfair clinics have good reputation to which they have no relation, therefore it is necessary to be careful not to buy an old Opel at the price of an elite Mercedes. Some other countries went even further away: in some clinics doctors do unnecessary operations only to make money on the patient. It is impossible in our association because we take care of our clients and do everything possible that medical tourism won’t become pure business which turns medicine into prostitution.
Considering the achievements of France in the medical area, we try to give everyone an opportunity for treatment in France and to encourage the exchange of information and experience in the industry of healthcare.


1. Medical agencies – a great opportunity to certify because the certificate enhances the credibility among the French. We want to help with marketing policy in the market of France.

2. Medical associations – the development of medicine in cooperation with medical tourism. Moreover, we do not miss an opportunity to take part in foreign events. We propose partnership in marketing, educational and charitable events, strengthen ties of partnership. You can join us to share knowledge, innovations, competences, and patients.

3. Doctors and medical centers – a great chance to look at the operations that are performed in the best French clinics by leading specialists. Join us, learn about the latest techniques of treatment in your sphere, get acquainted with innovations, share experience and get the certificate of continuing education.

4. Persons interested in receiving treatment in France – a real offer that provides a high-quality treatment in France without waiting in line. Contact us and we’ll help to choose the optimum doctor, clinic or intermediary completely free.

You should really consider it because the French health system is recognized by WHO as a number one ithe world!


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