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Not one decade France is one of the most favorite places for tourists from around the world. Its sights, mysteries of history, the most interesting shopping and beauty of nature constantly entice thousands of tourists from all over the world. Everybody know that France is a proven trendsetter.

However, in recent years this country began to accept not just regular tourists but medical tourists. Such a new direction as medical tourism gained popularity very quickly. Isn’t that great, not only to restore health but also admire the most interesting sights?

France in medical tourism

France is a relative newcomer in the field of medical tourism, but it develops in it very quickly. Every year the number of medical tourists in France is increasing, and it is not a limit!

Certainly, the medicine of such countries as the USA, Germany, Switzerland or Israel also is at a very high level but the prices there are 2-3 times higher. The medicine in France is freely available to citizens with average earnings, unlike the above-mentioned countries.

It is interesting to note the fact that today the French are not so strongly afraid of medical treatment abroad. They choose it not too often that is quite explainable, considering the high level of medicine in France combined with its low prices. However, medical treatment abroad is sometimes necessary during the travel, and it can concern a case, which is not covered by the insurance.

Proven clinics for the French with Meditravel

Not only in France, there are remarkable clinics, Spa and Wellness, they can be also found in other countries, but how can you know about them? Of course, almost nobody will trust unfamiliar doctors from foreign countries. First of all, you want to know that you won’t be deceived and you will get high-quality treatment. New portal Meditravel will perfectly help with it. This portal is in French and its aim is to provide the French with information on medical facilities in other countries to make the right choice. The portal isn’t engaged in the sale of services, it is impartial and selfless, its only mission is to help the French to choose a proven medical facility abroad.


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