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If you want to plunge into silence and luxury, you should definitely visit Domaine de la Groirie. In this place time simply stops. De la Groirie is surrounded by greens, which help to plunge into the atmosphere of tranquility and harmony, having forgotten about vanity and turmoil of the city.


The hotel is located in the huge historical park in the neighbourhood with the castle de la Groirie. The hotel is surrounded by lawns and channels, in the territory of the park there is the pond. For the visitors of de la Groirie, there are thirteen comfortable rooms. Recent restoration has kept their unique appearance, at the same time, the rooms are modern and comfortable.

The hotel is one of the parts of the ancient castle of the 17th century. The castle is the historical monument! Today all guests of Domaine de la Groirie can enjoy modern comfort in combination with a long history.

La Groirie 1

Staying in the hotel, there is no doubt that here you will always find a number of ways to occupy yourself. Thanks to the successful location, Domaine de la Groirie is in the neighborhood with a set of year-round entertainments. Most of them are located in the city of Le Mans.

First of all, it’s a well-known sports car race 24 hours of Le Mans and many other entertainments of the big city. The hotel works all year round.

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We promise that stay in de la Groirie will be unforgettable for you. A great number of our clients are permanent. The owner of the hotel personally keeps track of the comfort of each guest. Yes, we’re talking about guests, not visitors because in de la Groirie there are no visitors. All lodgers of the hotel are guests.

Thirteen spacious and convenient rooms have been restored in 2017. Thanks to this, all of them are comfortable and cozy. All rooms are different, therefore, each guest can choose whatever he wants.

If you want to combine a travel to France with treatment, medical hotel Domaine de la Groirie will be ideal for you. If you come for treatment to France, you won’t find a better place! A nurse regularly comes to the hotel, and the doctor lives directly there. Just think where’d you prefer to stay during your treatment: in the luxury hotel or in the clinic? And the best thing is that you won’t spend much money! When you come to France, you get high-quality treatment, budget accommodation and plenty of positive impressions!

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