Paradigm Care

Paradigm Care
Medifrance Solution is proud to partner with Paradigm Care to offer our clients a dedicated flight nurse not only to provide continued care but also to assist in every aspect of your travel.
Paradigm Care is a premium medical air transport and medical escort company utilizing U.S. credentialed critical care nurses to accompany medical travelers during both ground and air transport. In addition, your flight nurse will handle all the logistics of your international travel from confirming arrangements to assisting with loading, check-in, security, and airport terminal details.
Paradigm Care is dedicated to one revolutionary word: You.
Experience the confidence, comfort and peace of mind when traveling with providers of not only the best medical care, but also the highest service.
You may desire Paradigm Care flight nurse escort for a variety of reasons ranging from travel logistics assistance and peace of mind to continued physical therapy rehab and DVT prevention. Secure this premium add-on for only $899 per day.


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