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Our services

The World Health Organization experts ranked the French health care system the best in the world. This is due to the fact that the state spends about 12% of its GDP (the biggest rate in Europe) on improving their medical services, which allows French doctors use all the existing innovations in their work. It should be noted that the salaries of doctors in France are among the highest in the world, therefore many experts of various medical fields practice both in public and private institutions. If you want to get treatment in France, you can get our help to organize your medical stay. We offer:

  • > Online medical consultation: Arrangement of medical travel and treatment.
  • > Visa assistance.
  • > Reception at airport (plus transfer).
  • > Escort and interpreting at the attending doctor’s office, as well as during treatment.
  • > Transfer on the way back to the airport accompanied by an interpreter.
  • > Complimentary translation of the medical records.

*In case medical indications require a longer stay, an accommodation is provided for the client (at a 2-star hotel).


Our team will help you to regain health in France. We’ll take care of all formalities, ranging from medical to administrative. Medifrance Solution offers you several simple stages, each of which guarantees efficiency, safety, privacy. Doctors of the best clinics in France and staff of Medifrance Solution will bindingly work with your medical information. We offer you a personal approach and high-quality monitoring of your health problem. For your convenience, one of our teams will accompany you at every stage of your treatment. We have illustrated the whole process step by step to answer your questions about how an appointment for treatment is arranged, about visa obtaining, accommodation, travel, interpreting services, and most importantly – how the process of treatment and further recovery takes place.