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Whatever nationality, whatever gender, whatever age or social class, health is one of the most important things that we have. Once illness has declared itself in one’s home, the family is faced with complicated decisions to make. You then trust medical doctors to guide you towards the best options in hope to retreive what we all need : a good health.

On the way of medical care, we sometimes have to deal with obstacles:

Nowadays, the Worlds spins always faster. In such a hurry, some medical doctors don’t take the time for one-on-one approaches anymore. The doctor’s consultation may be neglicted and medical results may be interpreted the wrong way. As a consequence, the intended treatment may not be optimal.

It happens in some cases that doctors puts their establishment’s interest first instead of their patient’s. Indeed, instead of chosing the better suited treatment, they will chose the treatment that their establishment offers, which may not be equiped with the best and latest technologies.

Finally, it’s sad but realistitic to say that some other doctors have no medical ethics and no reknown qualifications. These same doctors prescribe useless medication, medical eximinations and surgical procedures. Their main objective is profit. But curing a disease the wrong way may cause other diseases, which can be lethal. Many cases have happened about this matter.

Don’t waste your time running from a medical establishment to another. Stop worrying because of looking up symptoms on the internet : most of the diagnostics are impersonal and rarely relevant. By sending us your medical records, we will offer you the possibility to get a second opinion from one of our high-qualified French specialists. Be assured that we do not store any medical data or share it to any third party.

Our experts will:

Confirm or overturn the original diagnostic

Confirm or refuse the original treatment protocol

Help to interpret and understand the tests’ results

Prescribe further testing

Recommand other treatment options

Give advice to improve the general health state

Give additional information regarding the disease and its treatment


Thanks to Medifrance Solution you will remotely be able to ask the French experts for their opinion, entrust them with your health care and have a peace of mind regarding the new diagnostic and treatment. Ask for a medical examination with one of our experts aiming to receive a more accurate treatment.
According to a greek saying « Treat and watch your health, for if your body falls sick, your mind will as well. »


Second opinion

* If you decide to get treatment in France following a second opinion provided by Medifrance Surgery, the costs related to the second opinion will be refunded.

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