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You can find many reasons to visit France. It is a country of romantics and the skeptics, a country of contradictions, a country impossible not to fall in love with. But among other things, France is a country where huge funds are allocated for the development of the medical field and health services technology. Establishments in the country are considered to be of the most elite. However, each place in France has its own approach to health improvement procedures. Some prefer therapy through water and mud others have the best procedures with seafood and algae.

Wellness hotels are located either on the ocean coast or on the shores of the charming Lake of Geneva. Others of this type are located in the center of the country.

There are more than 150 SPA centers all over the French territory
The approximative price for a 3 days stay is 316€
In the past year, 23’500 tourists came to France to visit spa towns

The selection of hotels is wide and the choice is up to you. Decide regarding your own priorities and kinds of resultats you want to get from your relaxing stay.

Wellness spas have become a lifebuoy for those who can’t keep up with modern cities’ rhythm. For those who want to free themselves from the shackles and relax in a quiet environment. Wellness is the perfect complement not only for those who want to improve the condition of their body, but also for high-level athletes: wellness programs help to better prepare for competitions and trainings, focus on results, clear one’s head from unnecessary turbulences.

With wellness, discover a world of positivity and harmony. Enjoy the beauty of France and meet with leading experts of the wellness industry. Spend your vacation with the maximum benefits for your health in a wellness hotel in France. Entrust your vacation to professionals and you will never be regretting your choice.

Wellness spa in France

Wellness spa in France

The idea of wellness spa isn’t new. It has always occupied a special role in the Human race: the first thermal baths appearing in the Ancient Rome, approximately around 100 B.C.

Since then, the actual word “wellness” appeared in 1654 and anyone working in the health industry knows about wellness. The term doesn’t only refer to a kind of treatment, but a lifestyle as a general concept.

Nowadays, wellness is a worldwide industry including spas, nutrition, beauty and anti-aging, complementary and alternative medicine and other key sectors. According to the Global Wellness Institute, the wellness industry was worth $3.7 trillion in 2015! The main sector being beauty and anti-aging ($999 billion). All sectors and the industry as a whole keep on growing every year.

This industry obviously promotes a healthy lifestyle and millions of adepts all around the world defy language barriers and cultural differences in order to be united in favor of obtaining a healthy mind in a healthy body. People living on wellness principles attach great importance to the prevention of diseases, preferring to prevent their occurrence. For these purposes, different means are used – from homeopathy to nutrition correction and stress control.

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