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The idea of wellness spa isn’t new. It has always occupied a special role in the Human race: the first thermal baths appearing in the Ancient Rome, approximately around 100 B.C.

Since then, the actual word “wellness” appeared in 1654 and anyone working in the health industry knows about wellness. The term doesn’t only refer to a kind of treatment, but a lifestyle as a general concept.

wellness spa in france

Nowadays, wellness is a worldwide industry including spas, nutrition, beauty and anti-aging, complementary and alternative medicine and other key sectors. According to the Global Wellness Institute, the wellness industry was worth $3.7 trillion in 2015! The main sector being beauty and anti-aging ($999 billion). All sectors and the industry as a whole keep on growing every year.

This industry obviously promotes a healthy lifestyle and millions of adepts all around the world defy language barriers and cultural differences in order to be united in favor of obtaining a healthy mind in a healthy body. People living on wellness principles attach great importance to the prevention of diseases, preferring to prevent their occurrence. For these purposes, different means are used – from homeopathy to nutrition correction and stress control.

Why is wellness so popular?


Nowadays and mainly thanks to social medias and celebrities, wellness is very popular among the youngsters: being healthy, exercising and controlling one’s diet is really trendy. With the increasing popularity of this movement, the flow of customers increases in those places where you can get the services of experts and industry consultants. As a consequence, wellness spa hotels’ presence on the market is of a great importance and are getting a better image among international tourists now.

wellness spa in france

The popularity of this kind of lifestyle was quite predictable. Even the strongest people cannot bear the strain of the modern pace of life. It is not always possible to find harmony and peace, to bring your world back to balance without assistance. Therefore, such places where people can immediately get a range of services that enable them to regain their composure become popular. Wellness spa hotels and resorts are perfect places to flee to for several days allowing individuals to forget about the hustle and bustle of big cities and enjoy a quieter world.

Wellness spas in France are one of the few possibilities to extend one’s youth and attractiveness, as the specialized establishments tend to associate all the previous key factors (healthy eating and nutrition, beauty and anti-aging, complementary and alternative medicine through hundreds of different programs). They help improving the quality of life of a person living up to the wellness’s standards.

The most luxurious and comfortable hotels in the world have already started to offer their customers a wide variety of services. In this matter, the staff has increased and is composed with high-qualified specialists of the wellness industry. New programs are created, new equipment is purchased and special centers are built. Hence, with the increasing number of those wishing to live a healthy lifestyle, the industry has stepped forward offering a new product to its followers – a new type of wellness spa hotels.

wellness spa

What do wellness spa hotels offer to their clients?


The main difference between wellness spas and spas resorts is the way services are offered and the way the staff frames their clients. Resorts tend to offer spa treatments in addition of leisure activities. One can select the treatments with or without seeking help for an expert. On the other hand, wellness spa (and hotels) offer all-inclusive approaches and their staff teams consist of highly qualified physicians who will help you reducing the risk of disease.

It’s getting difficult to really distinguish the two types of establishments as wellness spas call themselves resorts to be better seen on the internet and vice versa, some resorts call themselves something else even though they don’t necessarily meet the right criteria.

wellness spa in france

Most of these hotels and resorts are located in places far from busy cities and roads. You are invited to stay in places created especially for your rest and recovery.

Most of 5***** hotels have a spa. They are very luxurious and professional establishments, often promoting a famous cosmetic brand. Many of them try to be located in picturesque places usually remote from the city noise. Programs in such hotels usually include procedures aimed at improving the overall body. The range of services offered by hotels often depends on its profile and location which also implicate a difference in price and quality.


Wellness procedures should contribute to the improvement of the psychological and physical condition of the client.

What procedures can give such results?


All hotels having wellness programs offer a standard set. Let’s consider the list of the most common services.

1.Health-improving medical procedures


The most popular procedure of this kind is infrared heat therapy. The procedure is not well known in Russia yet, but it is available in almost every wellness hotel in France. Thanks to a special suit that the client wears during the procedure, the body secrets out toxins.

This is due to the special infra-red radiation. After the procedure, customers say they feel no fatigue and experience lightness. An additional advantage of the procedure is reduction of volume in the hips and waist.

2.Spa procedures


Different massages, body wraps and other similar procedures can enhance the effect of other procedures helping to relieve fatigue, stress and body shape control.

3.Help with a diet


Today, when being healthy is actively promoted, you will hardly find a person who doesn’t understand that their general health state depends on what their nutrition is made of. Experts of the wellness spa hotel help its guests to find the optimal nutrition program. Proper nutrition helps to improve health.

wellness spa in europe

4.Programs regarding emotional release


These programs allow you to de-stress, relax and calm down. It helps balancing both the mental and physical condition of the client. Harmonization is the main task of such programs.

5.Programs increasing physical activity


Such programs are very useful for those who work in offices which sadly leads to a sedentary lifestyle. However, they are more popular among those who already practice sports and are not willing to stop moving during work hours.