Why France?

Why France is the best destination for treatment abroad? 

France is famous throughout the world for its rich cultural traditions and gastronomic fancies. The country attracts a huge number of tourists annually for its beauty and culture. People come to enjoy the sights, try a true French wine and renowned cheese, get some rest on the beach, go skiing or simply enjoy an unforgettable French atmosphere. And few are aware that it is possible to get a high-quality treatment at very affordable prices in France.

When thinking about treatment abroad, people are usually attentive to quality, cost, and convenience. Worried about their health, they want to do everything quickly, inexpensively and effectively. How far does France meet the stated requirements? We are safe to say – all the 100 percent on that. Well then, let’s get treatment in France!


  • The superiority of French medicine has been recognized by the World Health Organization. The state attaches great importance to the development of the medicine, the innovative technologies and the treatment quality in France. The French government annually allocates vast funds in this purpose. By the way, the life duration of the French people was ranked 7th in the worldwide ranking in 2015.
  • Due to the application of the innovative technologies in the French clinics, it has become possible, for example, to identify cancer in its early developmental stages. Another example: the most complicated plastic and reconstructive surgeries are done in France.
  • The French medical doctors are subject to very specific requirements. The future professionals pass a rigorous selection process during their education, which takes about 10 years in France, and then they improve their qualifications regularly. If the medical license had been revoked for some reasons, it will be impossible to reinstate it. Medical doctors value their reputation. Any mis-action or mistake can have great consequences in their lives. So, the medical doctors will treat patients equally, regardless of the patient’s nationality, gender or social class.
  • Medical institutions in France are obliged to comply with the high level of requirements established by the Supreme Council of Health Protection of France in order to be accredited. The French clinics are all set for the patient’s accommodation and comfort.
  • The pricing policy of the French clinics is predictable and administered by the state. The prices of treatment for the foreigners cannot be artificially made unreasonably high, as opposed to the other countries.
  • Nowadays, getting treatment abroad is popular. However, people go to obtain treatment in countries that have been feeling safe in the medical tourism industry. They attract patients with their well-adjusted system but don’t put themselves in question. Thus, foreign patients don’t know about the benefits of treatment in France. For a long period of time, French medicine was narrowed to medical tourists. Today the French clinics are opened to the world, they take foreign patients in and help them get back good health and beauty.
  • Medifrance Solution will assist you in completing all the steps related to the treatment in France quickly and with the maximum convenience. We are ready to manage your stay, treatment and leisure time. Settle all the administrative matters for you to get only the pleasant impressions from our country.
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